Over 40 million Americans move every year to start a new life in another state.

Moving requires plenty of planning, preparation, and perseverance so it runs smoothly. Perhaps you’re moving across the country but you’re overwhelmed and unsure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are our top 10 moving tips to help you.  

1. Visit Your New State 

One of the most important moving across country tips is to visit your new state. Exploring your new home will give you a good idea of the different neighborhoods so you can find the best one for your family. 

Devour guidebooks, head to your city’s tourist center, and ask locals for recommendations of where to go. But aside from the state’s famous attractions, search for local hotspots and hangouts.  

2. Find a New Job or Relocate 

Finding a new job or relocating with your company is second on our long-distance moving tips.

Whether you’ve been promoted or are starting a new career, having financial stability is crucial so you can cover the move and establish yourself in your new home. If you’re looking for work, check that there are plenty of job opportunities available. 

Households with children must also find a good school. As you research, create a shortlist of institutions that have a robust curriculum, experienced teachers, and after-school activities. Once you’ve got your top three, schedule a personal tour with your little ones so they can decide which best suits them. 

3. Create a Budget 

When considering moving and packing tips, make sure you have a budget. Create a spreadsheet to log all your moving-related costs so you know how much money to set aside. 

One of our pro tips for moving out of state is to have an emergency fund should a problem arise. For instance, you may need to stay in a motel because of bad weather or your belongings may take longer to arrive. 

4. Find Accommodation

It’s wise to find housing before you move. If you’re unsure of the best neighborhood, choose a property with a six-month lease while you settle into the city. But find a reputable realtor who understands the housing market so they can help you with paperwork. 

If you’re planning to move to New York then read more now to learn more. 

5. Streamline Your Belongings

One of our top tips for moving is to take inventory of your belongings so you only bring items you need. Create a pack, donate, and ditch system to help you streamline your stuff. 

After that, donate your used items to charity or sell them online and recycle anything you can’t save. 

6. Have a Strategic Packing Plan

One of the top packing tips is to have a strategy. But before boxing your belongings, stock up on loading supplies like moving boxes and tape so you can start the process a month before. 

Pack non-essential items first like books, home decor, and clothes you don’t need. Leave essentials to last like your kitchen items, toiletries, and dinnerware so the packing process is less overwhelming. 

7. Declutter and Deep-Clean Your Current Home 

Once you’ve decluttered, it’s important to arrange for professional cleaners to deep-clean your home. If you’re renting, fix all necessary repairs and make sure your furniture is in pristine condition.  

You should also ask your landlord whether they want their walls repainted or any holes caulked before you leave. 

8. Research Moving Companies

Use your budget to decide which moving company you can afford. You must also consider the distance of your move, whether you need their help packing, and the amount of stuff you have.

Ask family and friends for recommendations then check customer reviews to get honest feedback about the service. Once you’ve chosen a company, ask if there are extra charges to avoid any nasty surprises. 

9. Choose a Moving Date 

You’ve found the company, now you must choose the date. Most companies call to confirm the timeframe a week before the big day. But to be safe, contact the company several days before to check the moving date is correct.  

And, if you haven’t already, tell your loved ones you’re moving and plan a big bash to commemorate the next chapter of your life. 

10. Update Important Paperwork

You must update your address and other personal information so important mail gets forwarded. Further, update any subscriptions and call your utility service to tell them you’re moving. This includes the water, gas, electricity, and internet company. 

Pet owners must also consider their new state’s laws regarding vaccinations so it’s important to contact your vet for their recommendation. And don’t forget about transferring your driver’s license and registering your vehicle when you’re settled in. 

Never pack important documents because they could get lost during the move. Instead, store these in a box and keep them on you during transportation. You should also keep valuables with you like family heirlooms to ensure they’re safe.  

If you’re worried about transporting fragile items, choose a moving service that has insurance so they can cover any accidents. Plus, they’ll know how to securely wrap and protect your belongings.   

These Are Our Top Moving Tips 

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will take our top moving tips on board. 

Start by visiting your new state, securing a job, and accommodation before officially moving. Make sure you streamline your belongings, find a reputable moving company, and choose a date so you can celebrate with your loved ones. Happy moving! 

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