If you’ve been stuck inside for the last few months, you’re probably getting sick of staring at the same four walls. It’s totally normal to be itching for some kind of change right now, and why not use this time to shake up your interior design?

If you’re gearing up for a home makeover, keep reading for some tips on how to make your home stand out!

1. Start With a Plan 

Don’t go into your home makeover plans half-baked. You’re going to have to take a look at each room you want to renovate and decide exactly what you’re going to do before jumping in. 

Brainstorm your goal for each room and come up with a renovation plan for each room of your house. Maybe create a vision board for you to refer to during the decision making process.

Write down your end goal so you can move on to the next step! 

2. Decide on a Budget 

Decide how much you can spend on each project. Be realistic. While you might think you can rewire electricity to save yourself some cash, understand when you’re better off spending in order to save yourself some hassle (and possible trips to the hospital!) 

There are many great ways to save money by buying second hand or doing some things yourself. But when you set your budget, make sure you stick to it! 

3. Do Your Research 

Once you start looking into the different areas of home renovation, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices and technical terms out there. Take the time to learn about your home renovation project so you can be prepared and qualified to fix any issues that come up. 

Also, take advantage of online shopping! If you find something you really love at a store but the price tag is too high, go home and do your research. Maybe you can find the lamp secondhand, or maybe you’ll find something that looks just like it at a lower price somewhere else.

4. Open the Door to Opportunity 

You’d be surprised by how much of a facelift the exterior of your home will get when you change up your door. Even if your door is in great shape, or you cant change your front door for whatever reason, you can give your door a paint job to completely change the curb appeal of your home. 

On the inside of your home, the color of your doors can completely change the feel of a room! Go with lighter shades that work well with the lighting of your home in order to make your rooms feel more spacey. 

5. Perk Up With Paint 

The quickest and least expensive way to give any room a makeover is to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you’re itching to change up your surroundings, a new paint job is usually enough to appease that part of your brain. 

Painting is one of the great ways you can save money by doing it yourself, but if you dread pulling out painter’s tape and drop cloths, it may be a good idea to find a painting contractor

6. Trick the Eye 

If your rooms are small, they don’t have to look small! A great way to make any room look bigger than it is is to use mirrors. This is an inexpensive way to brighten up any room. 

Stick to lighter colors, as darker colors in small rooms can make you feel boxed in. 

7. Assess Your Storage Needs 

If you’re already renovating your house, why not take the time to declutter and get rid of stuff you don’t already need? When you’ve taken out the old, you can make room for the new with updated storage solutions. 

The kitchen is one area where storage is always at a premium. And old kitchen cabinets can completely ruin the look of updated appliances. If you have the room in your budget for updating your cabinets, it’s worth the expense when you see the results. 

8. Windows Needs an Update

Big windows are a great way to change the feel of any room completely. Windows open up the room and allow lots of natural light to pour in. 

Big windows also let you get closer to nature no matter what time of year it is. They make any room feel spacious and they can help provide your home with passive solar heat, reducing your heating bills in the winter as long as they’re insulated properly. 

9. Better Bathrooms 

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Most bathroom fixtures aren’t extremely costly. Sometimes, just changing up the faucet and handles can completely change the way your sink looks. Switch up the hardware on any drawers and handles, couple that with a new paint job, and your bathroom will look brand new in no time. 

Also, if you want to go for a trendy subway tile look in your shower, you can find many inexpensive press-on tiles that are great for a cheap but effective bathroom facelift. 

10. From Ceiling to Floor 

Floor renovation can be one more expensive aspect of a home makeover. If restoring your floors isn’t in your budget, it’s a good idea to give them a thorough cleaning or re-polishing and then design the rest of your room around them. 

Some new furniture, rugs, or light fixtures can help spruce up the look of your floors without the cost of a total floor renovation. 

Achieve the Home Makeover of your Dreams! 

A home makeover is a great way to spend your time indoors, and there is no better time to learn how to do many home renovations yourself. With the sheer volume of free learning materials out there on YouTube and other online sources, there’s (almost) nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish on your own. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to spruce up your home, keep reading! 

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