Did you know that doing activities together can strengthen your family bonds? If you want to learn about fall activities for families, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over fun fall activities for you and your entire family.

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1. Head to a Pumpkin Patch

Research local pumpkin patches and spend a fall afternoon taking in the sights. Your kids can go and pick out a pumpkin to bring home. Bring plenty of snacks and warm beverages.

2. Check Out a Corn Maze

Don’t forget about the classic corn maze. You can go to a local farm or head to a fall festival. Have fun finding your way through the corn maze with your kids.

3. Start Working on Your Halloween Costumes

Every fall, kids look forward to Halloween. Ask your children about their costume ideas.

You could make your costumes. Have fun getting creative. Pick up the supplies you need and spend your fall afternoons working on the costumes.

4. Go to a National Park

Visit a national park in the fall. You will miss the summer crowds and get to see the stunning fall foliage.

Bring your bikes or go for a hike with the kids.

5. Plan a Pumpkin Carving Night

A popular fall activity is carving pumpkins. Make sure you pick up plenty of pumpkins for your entire family. You can research online and get some pumpkin carving ideas.

Pick up paints and brushes at your local craft store. Set aside an evening for your pumpkin painting and carving.

6. Head to an Apple Orchard

Go to a local orchard for a day of apple picking. You could go camping nearby and head to the apple orchard the next day.

Beforehand, learn about the different apple varieties available at the orchard. Pick the best kind of apples for baking or making applesauce.

7. Try Flashlight Tag

It gets dark fast in the fall. Keep your entire family entertained by playing flashlight tag.

Make sure you have plenty of flashlights for everyone. Let the kids use the lights on their phones. Invite neighbors or friends over for a big game.

8. Collect Colorful Leaves

Most kids don’t enjoy driving around the countryside to check out the fall foliage.

Yet most kids will have fun gathering fallen leaves or taking an afternoon walk. Bring a colorful collection of leaves so you can press leaves for future crafts.

9. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Get the family to explore the surroundings near where you live by making a list of items for them to find.

Give each team a bag and the scavenger list. Ask them to hunt down everything on the list. The first team who arrives back with the items will get a prize.

10. Have a Game Night

Enjoy a family game night with everyone. Play board games around your kitchen table. You can ask each family member to bring their favorite game. Let everyone have a chance to play a game.

Don’t forget to pick up lots of snacks. You could also pick up little prizes for the winners of each game.

11. Tell Spooky Stories

In the fall, gather around your fireplace or build a bonfire outside. Tell ghost stories around your campfire. Tell spooky tales from your childhood or look up campfire stories.

Consider the age of your kids. You can tell silly or scary stories.

12. Go Camping

You could go camping for a weekend. When you arrive, consider decorating your campsite for Halloween. Cover your site with string lights and pick up pumpkins. Add blow up decorations of bats and ghosts.

Pick up a couple of Halloween lanterns. Ask the whole family to help decorate.

13. Go on a Canoeing Trip

Checking out fall foliage from the lake will give you a different perspective.

Bring out the family for a boat ride. Get everyone to pair up. You will enjoy the pretty fall foliage while getting some exercise. Explore new areas on the lake.

14. Go Horseback Riding

Equestrian trails are inviting and popular. The foliage will draw you in as you go on the new track. The entire family will feel excited by this change of scenery. Enjoy the wind and the feeling of horseback riding.

15. Cook Fall Foods

Have fun cooking with your family. You can make lots of yummy fall casseroles, soups, and other comfort foods.

If you build a bonfire outside, consider making smores, roasting hotdogs, or marshmallows. Cooking together brings the family together. Have fun planning, preparing, and eating together.

16. Enjoy a Movie Night Outside

Plan a movie night outside. Rent or buy a projector and watch your favorite movies. You can pick up plenty of snacks and warm drinks.

Everyone will enjoy spending time together. Don’t forget a couple of warm blankets.

17. Look up at the Stars

If you get a clear night, spread the blanket on your deck and spend time watching the stars. You can time it, so you catch a meteor shower. Use an app on your phone to show what constellations are what.

Entice the kids with some warm beverages and snacks. Have a fun evening of astronomy and learning about different constellations and planets.

Enjoy your back deck this fall, and check out some trends to try.

Now You Know What Fall Activities to Try

We hope this guide on fun fall activities was helpful. Now that you have some family fun ideas start planning your fall activities.

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