4 Signs Your Home’s Circuit Breaker Needs to Be Replaced


Electrical failures are one of the leading causes of home fires!

The circuit breaker in your home is one of the most important lines of defense against fires. It helps to regulate the electricity in your home, and it prevents damage to your appliances as well as the fixtures in your house.

However, as useful as it is, there are times when your circuit breaker may malfunction. If you are seeing warning signs but are not sure whether or not you need to call in a professional for repairs, here are some clues that you need to.

1. Flickering Lights 

Flickering lights are one of the major signs that your circuit breaker may need some attention. If you notice that the lights are going in and out randomly then do not ignore the situation. If you do, often they will just go out altogether, and it may do so at the most inconvenient time.

2. Your Appliances Operate Strangely

When your circuit breaker is malfunctioning you may notice that your appliances are not functioning the way they normally would.  They may start acting strange, or they may not charge the way they normally would. 

They may even shut off during the middle of an activity. For example, your dishwasher or your dryer can shut off in the middle of its cycle with no explanation when you have circuit breaker problems.

3. Burning Smells

Bad odors coming from your circuit breaker are always a giveaway that something is very wrong. If you notice a burning odor coming from the panel, it usually means that the wires and the insulation inside the circuit breaker are overheating. 

When this happens you shouldn’t hesitate to call in a professional immediately to deal with it. Wires and insulation that are overheating present a fire hazard. 

4. A Tripping Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to trip when there’s too much power being pulled from them. The action of tripping protects your entire house and is a safety net against fire. You can find out more about circuit breakers by going to this link https://baypower.com/blog/how-circuit-breakers-work/

If you notice that whenever you plug in specific appliances the breaker starts tripping, there’s a good chance that you may need a new circuit breaker. A qualified electrician can usually handle the repairs, easily.

Protect Your Home

One of the best ways to protect your home from electrical fires is to ensure that your circuit breaker is working correctly. Once you spot the warning signs you should do something about it immediately. If you don’t, there may be serious consequences. 

Your appliances may suffer as well when there are issues with your circuit breaker. You also don’t want a malfunctioning circuit breaker, simply, because it means that your home is not protected.

If you would like more tips on how to take care of your home, please take a look at the “must read” section of the website. 


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