4 Things to Expect During a Rodent Inspection


Do you have unwelcome visitors in the form of rodents in your home? Yikes! That means it’s time for a rodent inspection. 

What should you expect from your rodent home inspection? If you’ve never had one before you might be nervous. Don’t worry, we want to put your mind at ease and give you a glimpse of what’s to come. 

Keep reading to learn all about what to expect from your rodent inspection so you can prepare.

1. The Cost

Costs vary when it comes to rodent inspections. Some companies offer a free rodent inspection, knowing that not all suspected infestations are actually infestations. They put the client’s mind at ease without having to waste their time or money.

Other companies charge a small fee as the rodent inspection cost, though this fee may be a part of the overall pest removal process. 

When you’re looking for a rodent control company, be sure to ask how their fees work for the initial inspection and any services that follow. 

2. Initial Inspection

When the pest control expert gets to your home, they’ll start by checking around for obvious signs of rodents. They’ll look for fur, droppings, or the rodents themselves.

Rodents don’t always make themselves obvious, but this is the easiest way to see if your infestation worries are correct. If you have specific areas of concern they may start there, but they may also do a full sweep of the house.

3. Looking for Entrances

If your pest control expert doesn’t find live rodents, they’re going to look around to see if there are any warning signs for rodents in your homes. These include things like gaps in the walls or doorways, or hidden entrances in the roof, basement, or garage. 

While these spaces might not seem like anything to you, a pest control expert knows what a rodent needs in order to get into your home. They’ll make note of these things and make recommendations for your next steps (if you choose to have them return). 

4. Scheduling Pest Control Service

Having rodents in your home is a big deal, so if your pest control expert suspects (or knows) that you’ve got those pesky creatures setting up camp, they’re going to schedule you for an extermination service. 

Even if they don’t find anything, they may schedule you for routine visits so you can rest easy knowing that someone will be around regularly to pest-proof your home. 

You should get an estimate of price as well as an estimate of time. This is a good time to ask about extermination methods. 

Have You Scheduled Your Rodent Inspection?

A rodent inspection is nothing to worry about. It’s just the first step towards ridding your home of those furry unwanted guests. Don’t stress; make your appointment today and put your mind at ease. 

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