5 Awesome Podcasts to Listen to in 2021


Podcasts are quickly becoming a big part of people’s lives. With over 1.5 million different podcasts out there to choose from, working out which podcasts to listen to might feel a little overwhelming.

Podcasts can provide great company for commutes, lazy afternoons, and housework. Not only do they offer us hours of entertainment, but they provide rich sources of information on just about everything.

If you’re thinking about filling 2021 with podcasts, but don’t know where to start, then look no further. Here are our top 5 podcasts to listen to.

1. The Duncan Trussel Family Hour

Only in The Duncan Trussel Family Hour does the weird, wonderful, hilarious, and hugely informative come together so perfectly. Comedian, actor, and writer Duncan Trussel and his guests discuss the mind-bending possibilities of the multiverse. 

2. WTF with Marc Maron

Stand up comedian and actor Marc Maron launched his podcast back in September 2009. WTF with Marc Maron topped Rolling Stone’s top 20 comedy podcasts back in 2014. Marc has interviewed a variety of guests ranging from Barrack Obama to Robin Williams. 

His interviews are known for cutting straight through the surface and often result in being emotionally heated and often confrontational. WTF is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

3. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Love him or hate him, Jordan Peterson is an intellectual phenomenon, especially when it comes to the psychology of self-improvement. Following the massive success of his book 12 Rules For Life, the podcast is conducted with Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila.

In a combination of lectures and interviews, the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast how our individual lives and culture are shaped. This is the number one podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about why we are who we are. The Jordan B Peterson Podcasts are also available on Spotify.

4. From the Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast

Comedy’s Hall of Famer, Steve Coogan reunites us with the comedy gold of his award-winning creation, Alan Partridge. This is an easily digestible and very addictive podcast. The episodes are all around 20 minutes in length.

From The Oasthouse is packed full of Partridge’s one-of-a-kind, and sometimes controversial, observations on the world we live in, including gems such as “Just because someone is disabled, it doesn’t mean they can’t be mean. Look at pirates.” 

5. London Real

London Real host Brian Rose left his job as a Wall Street banker and moved to London where he has been on a constant journey of self-discovery and motivating others along the way. London Real began with basic podcast recording software and now broadcasts from the same building as The Independent and London Evening Standard newspapers. 

Despite being an American, Rose is currently running for Mayor of London. His guests offer a varied insight into how we can all get out of our own way and move forwards.  

Want More Podcasts to Listen To?

With over 1.5 million podcasts to listen to, there is no shortage of audible entertainment whatever your taste. These top 5 podcasts to listen to in 2021 are a great place to get you started whether you want to laugh or learn.

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