How many times have you typed “coffee near me” into Google?

How about “florist near me,” or “hardware near me”?

If you’ve used this feature and found a business, then you’ve experienced the work of a hyper-local small business marketing company.

Let’s be honest: small florist businesses are wasting money advertising to non-local customers unless they are leveraging a nationwide niche.

Don’t let this be you. Read on to learn about the benefits of the hyperlocalized marketing strategy.

1. Extremely Targeted

Hyperlocal marketing is by nature extremely targeted. You’re already working with a population of customers that you probably know well.

Say you’re running a coffee shop. You can easily research the best-selling coffee beans in your city, as well as your competitors.

You have a rough idea of what people in your neighborhood are like. Are they leisurely, or more on the fast track of life? Your entire marketing campaign should be custom-tailored to this knowledge.

You’re a small business. The hyperlocalized targeting keeps you from exceeding your budget trying to advertise to customers thousands of miles away who have no intention of traveling to your location. It’s a realistic marketing strategy for increasing foot traffic to your physical store.

2. Hyperlocal Keywords

You’ll want to perform some keyword searches to figure out what your potential customers are looking for, and to rank for those words.

You should be ranking for searches like “best coffee shop in Rochester” or “Rochester coffee shop.” You could also be creating content that provides useful information to a local client base, for example, something like “how to choose date night activities in Rochester.”

If you do hyperlocal marketing right, you should be able to increase your online presence to a granular level. You could be advertising to people in your city, your neighborhood, or even your block. The more granular, the more likely you are to get conversions and foot traffic to your store.

3. High ROI

It’s easier for you to auto-generate leads when you utilize local marketing.

Customers around you will already be looking to engage with local businesses simply out of convenience, so you need only give them a little extra push.

If you combine strategies like geofencing or location tracking features, you can target people in a very specific location, and your business will be especially salient to people who already drive by your storefront every day.

This promises a good return on investment because localized marketing strategies are cheaper by nature but more likely to convert local customers.

4. More Affordable

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again: localized business marketing is going to be more affordable for you. Period.

You have fewer competitors to research and less of an audience to reach.

5. Lean Marketing Team

Lastly, you can keep your marketing team lean to focus on priorities. This is great for businesses with a limited budget, and it lets you dedicate resources to coming up head and shoulders over your competitors.

Your marketing team will likely be local as well, making communication and strategy easier because everyone is likely to know the area well.

Find a Hyper-Local Small Business Marketing Company for You

A hyper-local small business marketing company can keep you ahead of your local competition, which is the most important for your physical store’s foot traffic.

If you have a lot of foot traffic, you’ll be able to generate leads just through word of mouth.

Hyperlocal marketing makes lead generation easier, can use a lean budget, and is a great place to start for any local business.

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