Memes. It seems like they’re everywhere these days, but we’ve certainly come a long way since the infamous Dancing Baby appeared on our screens, and that wasn’t even the first meme.

If you’re a meme addict and you’re eager to learn how to find memes, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top places to find the best memes online and even how to make a meme on your own if you’ve got something great to share with the world.


It’s almost impossible to write about how to find memes without mentioning the number one meme page on the internet. 9GAG has been around since before Facebook even became a household name, allowing meme lovers to share the top memes with the world.

The founders created the website as a side project to help people share funny videos and images with ease. 9GAG categorizes memes based on their types and users can upvote what they like, so only the funniest memes show up on top.

You can also discuss each meme in the comment section, which can often be more entertaining than the meme itself.


If you’re already a meme lover, then chances are you’ve come across Reddit at some point. Known as “the front page of the internet,” it is one of the most popular destinations to find the funniest memes before it hits your friends’ feeds.

Reddit is a forum or discussion website that acts as a social news aggregator. It’s made up of very active communities where you can post, discuss, and upvote anything that you like. 

While Reddit isn’t exclusively for memes, there are several communities on the website dedicated to sharing the top memes.


One of the easiest ways to find memes is already available on your phone. Sure, it’s not all about memes but after a few scrolls, you’ll likely find a meme or two that are sure to make you laugh.

If you’re actively hunting memes, try using hashtags like #meme, #funnymemes, or #dailymemes to narrow down your search.

Know Your Meme

Think you know everything about the top memes? Think again. If you haven’t already discovered it, make a beeline for Know Your Meme, where you’ll find a database of all the best memes on the internet.

Not only will you be able to find memes there, but you’ll also be able to learn all about your favorites.

Know Your Meme offers detailed info on the origin of each meme, including its creator, its history, and some fun facts about it. The website can be filtered by category, so you can also search based on what you’re most interested in and find memes you’ve never seen before.


While anyone can put a regular meme together with a meme template, GIF memes take a little bit more time and skill. If GIFs are your thing, Gifbin is the best place to go.

The website publishes and accumulates various animated GIFs from around the web and has a huge collection of GIFs ripe for the viewing. Most of the memes found on Gifbin are created by members of the Gifbin team, while the rest are collected from social media platforms and other websites.

Why Find Memes When You Can Make a Meme?

Now that you know the best places to find memes, why not try your hand at making your own? A meme template is a great place to get started, but if you’re a bit more creative, you can whip one up from scratch.

Check out our tutorial section for more DIY solutions like this one or to learn something completely new.

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