A homeowner can spend between $1,500 and $15,000 on fixing plumbing.

The specter of plumbing problems can arise in a variety of forms. If these plumbing issues go unnoticed or ignored, they can often spiral into more severe problems. Home plumbing requires routine maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition.

Here are 5 of the most common plumbing problems a homeowner may encounter:

1. Leaking Faucets and Pipes

On average, a leak in a home can lead to almost 10,000 gallons of water wasted in a year.

In the case of faucets, the drip can sometimes be because of a worn-out O ring or washer. Both of these are easy to replace.

Another cause behind a faucet leak is an old aerator. The aerator is the mesh filter you find at the end of the spigot. Mineral deposits can build up and clog it.

Pipes are the leading cause of residential plumbing repairs. Leaking pipes can occur due to clogs, corrosion, joint damage, cracks, and much more. Sometimes, the problem is bigger and needs you to reline drain pipes for the whole home.

2. Low Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home is something you take for granted until it’s gone. When you have weak water pressure coming from the shower, rinsing off soap and shampoo can become a challenge.

Blocked pipes are a common cause behind low water pressure. You can find out if you have low pressure throughout the entire home or just a certain area by checking each spot one at a time.

3. No Hot Water

Having your water heater stop working makes taking a bath in the winter torturous. Water heat issues can occur from things like:

  • Sediment buildup or corrosion
  • Heating element failure
  • Broken or loose electrical connection
  • Valve breaking off

If you have a gas heater, sometimes the problem is as simple as needing relight the pilot. However, issues like corrosion and sediment buildup in the tank require that the plumbing maintenance be done by a professional.

4. Running Toilet

A toilet that never stops running can end up wasting more water than even a leaky faucet. If the toilet keeps running no matter how many handle jiggles you give it, it’s time for a plumber.

One of the most common causes behind a running toilet is the rubber flapper. Over time, they lose their shape and won’t be able to seal the tank fully.

Another common cause is the chain that attaches to the flapper. It can break, making it impossible to lift the flapper.

In either case, you can buy a whole flushing mechanism set-up for under $20.

5. Clogged Drains

When the toilet won’t flush or the water won’t drain down the sink, you can be looking at a serious problem.

If the water won’t drain in a single room, this is often due to a localized clog. These clogs can occur due to a buildup of hair, soap, and many other things. Routine cleaning can help to prevent this from happening.

If you have multiple areas with a clogged drain, then you’re probably looking at a larger sewer line issue. For this problem, you’ll need to contact a plumber at once.

Never Ignore Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems can occur in a variety of ways and should always be dealt with at once. Otherwise, these issues can spiral into a bigger problem that will be more costly.

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