11.4 moves

That’s the number of times an average person in the U.S. moves. 

If you’re getting ready to move, it might be your first time, or it could be your fifth time. It doesn’t matter. A move is a move, and each requires a lot of work.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your stress and simplify your move?

If so, a great solution is renting a moving container.

A moving container is ideal for any move, and here are five reasons to consider renting one. 

1. You Can Use It for Staging Your Home

One of the most common reasons for moving is selling a home. Are you trying to sell yours right now? If so, your real estate agent might suggest staging it.

What exactly does this mean for a home sale, you might wonder? Staging is a series of steps you take to improve your home’s looks and appeal, and a vital part of staging is removing stuff from the home.

Removing things frees up space in a house, making it look larger to those who view it. When you remove items from rooms, the rooms look more spacious. When you take items out of closets, the closets look bigger.

The downside to removing stuff from your home is determining where to put it. While you could stack it in your garage, this will only make your garage look bad.

You could rent a storage unit, but then you have to transport the items there. The best solution is to rent a moving container.

Moving container companies deliver these boxes to your house, providing the perfect place to put the things you remove from your home while staging it. 

2. You Can Pack at Your Own Pace

As you plan your move, you might spend some time lookup up “tips for moving.” Reading through moving tips opens up your eyes to options you might not have considered, such as renting a moving container.

As you read the tips, you might find suggestions to pack slowly. In other words, take your time when packing and move at your own pace. The point of this is to give yourself plenty of time to move.

If you wait until the day before you have to move to start, you’ll feel a lot of stress and pressure. But, on the other hand, you’ll give yourself plenty of time if you start packing a few months early. 

People have trouble starting early, though, when they have nowhere to put the boxes they pack. So the solution again is to rent a moving container for your home.

When the company delivers the container, they’ll put it where you instruct them to place it. Instantly, you’ll have a place to put your things. You can then begin packing your things, little by little, and place them in the box.

3. They’ll Move It for You When You’re Ready

As mentioned earlier, you could rent a storage unit to have the extra space you need. The downside is that you must move your things there to store them, and then move them to your new house. That’s a lot of moving.

On the other hand, if you rent a moving container, the company does the work for you. The process is simple and requires only a few steps:

  • Request a box
  • Provide your address and name
  • Pay for it
  • Wait for the delivery

You can immediately start using the container once it arrives. But, the best part is that they’ll pick it up and move it to your new house when you call. 

Imagine how convenient it will be to have your box delivered to your new home with all your things in it. 

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Option for Moving

The next reason to choose moving container delivery is to save money. Renting a moving container is more cost-effective than other options. 

If you hire a moving company to move your things, you must pay for the manpower and transportation of your things. If you want to know how much this costs, contact a moving company for a quote.

The other option is to rent a storage unit, but that can also cost more if you add up all the expenses. With a storage unit, you must pay for the gas to transport your things to the unit. You also pay a monthly fee for the unit.

Additionally, you have a lot more work with this choice.

You can save money by choosing a moving container, but that’s not all. You’ll experience less stress and have less work to do. 

5. It’s Convenient and Safe

The final reason to rent a portable moving container is for convenience and safety.

When you receive the moving container, it will be right by your house. You won’t have to load a truck to move your things. Instead, you can walk them to the container. As a result, this option offers convenience.

When moving day comes, the company picks up the container and transports it to your new home. It doesn’t get more convenient than this, especially if you compare all the alternative options.

Finally, this option offers safety. You can keep an eye on your things because they’ll always be on your property.

You won’t have to worry about break-ins at a storage unit facility, and you won’t have to trust a moving company handling all your things. If you want a safe option for moving that helps reduce your stress, this is it. 

Rent a Moving Container to Simplify Your Upcoming Move

Moving is a task that requires planning, manpower, and decisions. As a result, moving is a stressful event. 

If you want to simplify your move and reduce your stress, the answer is clear – rent a moving container. Once you try this option, you’ll always choose one. 

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