5 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial HVAC Company


In the run-up to 2025, revenue from the US HVAC market is expected to grow by around 4%. As the climate heats up, summer without a functioning HVAC system seems untenable. So how do you keep your HVAC working flawlessly?

The system itself will start to tell you when it needs repair. Read on as we give 5 signs you may need commercial HVAC repair. 

Utility Bills Surge

When your energy costs start to climb, it shows that your HVAC system is not working at its best. Internal problems mean that your system has to work overtime to produce the cool air you need. To do this, it needs to draw on more power and you start paying the price. 

Strange Sounds and Smells

The purpose of your system is to keep your employees comfortable. If odd sounds and smells are spoiling the working environment, it is a signal that serious HVAC issues may soon be on the horizon. 

Sounds are caused by the degradation of parts. You may hear scraping metal sounds or bumps. This happens when something in the system is worn down.

Smells are more dangerous, as they are usually linked to pooling water. This can cause mold and mildew growth which can seriously impact the health of your employees. To avoid this consider the benefits of enlisting a commercial HVAC service for maintenance. 

Humidity and Moisture

A commercial HVAC service does not just cool the air. It is also meant to remove moisture, stopping the humidity from rising. It should stop humidity levels from fluctuating. 

One giveaway sign of humidity is condensation around windows. Your system may just need recalibrating or could require a minor repair. It could be an issue with the blower, condenser motor, or compressor. 

Warm Air

Hot air means that air is not cooling as it moves through the building’s vents and ductwork. The unit may also not be producing the cold air needed, so it may be a problem with the condenser or refrigerant. In either case, your system will work more to compensate, wearing itself down and increasing energy bills. 

Constant Repairs

When your system is working hard, it wears down quicker. This can result in seemingly never-ending repairs. You may be calling out your local HVAC company in an endless cycle. 

This could be a problem with an individual part, or it could mean the HVAC is reaching the end of its lifespan. A qualified commercial HVAC company will be able to advise you on if it is best to carry on repairing or to get a replacement for the whole system.

Finding Commercial HVAC Companies

Now you know the signs, find a local commercial HVAC company. Even if you don’t have problems yet it is a good idea to keep one on standby. Booking regular maintenance can also help you prevent problems before they occur. 

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From maintaining your property to managing finance, we can help manage your business in the coming year. 


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