5 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof Now


Have you been tempted to delay minor roof repairs or ignore a missing shingle from your roof? 

While roof repairs and replacements are among the biggest nightmares for homeowners, ignoring the signs could lead to the added expenses of installing a new roof. 

If you notice a crack or a leak from your roof, it’s essential to address the problem immediately. Read on for five tell-tale signs that your house needs a roof replacement: 

1. Your Roof Leaks

Most people are guilty of ignoring small leaks from the roof. While we are quick to address big leaks, the small ones are often overlooked until it’s too late. 

Leaks start from small pin-like holes in the roof that grow into larger holes. Consistent leaking is a sign that you need to call a roofing contractor immediately. 

You should also seek the help of an expert if you notice: 

  • A dripping sound in the roof
  • Mold and mildew growing on the ceiling and walls
  • Increased humidity in the house
  • Water stains on the walls and ceilings 

A leaking roof could be the cause of the above watery conditions. Addressing leaks as soon as they happen could save you from future expensive roof installation costs. 

2. Age of the Roof 

According to experts, the life expectancy of most roofs is between 20-25 years. However, this number will depend on the maintenance of the roof and the material used during installation. Regular roof maintenance can increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Here are essential roofing tips to remember that will help keep your roof clean and well maintained. 

Knowing when your roof was first installed will help you budget for a replacement early. Ignoring a badly damaged roof will result in water damage to the interior of your house. 

3. Shingle Fragments in the Gutter

When asphalt shingles deteriorate, they start shedding and the fragments are deposited in the gutters. A lot of shingle granules in your gutter should be taken as a sign that your roof is damaged. This is why experts recommend cleaning your gutters at least once every year. 

If you have clay roofing, you may find mortar pieces stuck in the gutters. 

4. Missing Roof Tiles and Shingles

Asphalt and wooden shingles often curl at the edges when they start to decline and age. If you notice most of the shingles on your roof look old and worn out, it’s time to consider a new roof installation. 

If you have a tiled roof, you may notice that some tiles are missing. Sometimes this indicates an underlying issue such as weakened sealant or nails.

5. A Sagging Roof 

When your roof is exposed to extreme weather conditions, the boards start to break and clasp due to the water’s weight. This leads to the sagging of the roof. A sagging roof is dangerous and unsafe and thus needs immediate replacement. 

Do You Need a New Roof?

If you notice any of the above five signs it’s time to get your home a new roof. However, if you don’t know how to get the roof installed, the first step is to hire the right roof replacement service to ensure your household’s safety. 

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