5 Ultra-Simple Tips on Building a Deck Experts Say You Should Know


Do you want a new deck for your home? Here are some tips on building a deck from the experts so you can build the perfect addition to your home.

Home Depot is a business that has thrived during 2020’s pandemic. Given how many home improvement projects took place during the year, the company saw its 2020 Q3 year over year sales increase by 6.3 billion dollars.

If you’re one of the many people that purchased materials for home improvement this year and among your projects, you’re planning on building a deck in your yard, you’ll want to keep reading to take in simple yet important deck considerations before you get started.

Spending 5 minutes on this page could help you craft a safer, more attractive, and rewarding deck that’ll bring you limitless hours of joy!

1. Get Material Competent

Every great building a deck project starts with great materials. Which materials are you going to leverage to construct the deck of your dreams?

Most decks use pressure-treated cedar or redwood but other materials like ipe and jarrah are picking up in popularity for those that want luxury and longevity. Synthetic materials like vinyl can also be cheap choices that last a long time so don’t forgo exploring that route.

Knowledge is power when it comes to decking materials so do your homework to truly understand which kinds of decks will hold up best in your home environment.

2. Consider Your Color Choices

People we talk to when they’re considering building a deck rarely have a point of view on color. That’s a shame because color is one of the first things people will notice when they experience your finished project.

Conventional deck wisdom pushes people towards brown decks but we’ve seen DIY enthusiasts get more out of their decks by painting them red, black, or other shades that contrast the look of their homes.

Take ample time to play with color ideas before you start to build a deck in your yard so you can feel confident in your choice.

3. Don’t Forget About Shade

The cost to build a deck can be staggering enough that the last thing people want to think about is paying to accessorize it. While we understand that thought, we will say that investing in deck shading might be an extra you’ll want to not skip out on.

Non-shaded decks are virtually useless during hot months before the evening. Making your deck usable in any kind of weather could be as simple as setting a few hundred dollars aside to pick up some patio umbrellas.

4. Invest in Engineered Lumber

Engineered lumber is treated to be sturdier than traditional lumber. Historically, this type of wood was used for indoor projects. There are outdoor-ready versions of engineered lumber hitting the market though that are worth incorporating into your deck.

Using engineered lumber as support for your deck will reduce the number of legs you’ll need to build to keep your deck safely elevated.

5. Seal Your Deck Correctly

Take in some deck sealing tips before you get started on your project. After all, how well you seal your deck will have a massive impact on how long your deck lasts.

That’s particularly true if you live in an area that sees adverse weather (ample rain, snow, etc.).

Building a Deck Can Be Tricky so Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help

Decks are elevated platforms. Elevated platforms rely on adequate support and foundations to remain functional.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to crafting supports, ensuring structural integrity, or other aspects of a traditional deck build, get the help of a contractor when building a deck.

With a little assistance, you’ll set your deck up to be fruitful and safe for decades!

We welcome you to explore more content on our blog for additional insight on how to build a deck and on other home improvement projects.


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