No matter how much you tidy, does your home still seem to be a mess? Do you feel you are just moving items from one place to another and transferring the clutter? If so, then you need some storage solutions. 

Putting away your mess is not as easy as it sounds. Below, we give seven great tips for installing storage options in your home. 

1. Install Storage Shelving

One great way to keep that clutter off the floor is to try and install some storage shelving. These are a great idea for small rooms, as they let you display items as well as tidy them. If you do not want to display them, then simply find some decorative boxes or folders to place the items in. 

Squared, box shelves are a great option, as they allow storage within the box and on top. Keep the upper part for display items, then hide your other items away in boxes on the middle section. You can make it look even tidier by finishing off with a squared lampshade close by. 

When installing shelving yourself, always check for pipes and cables before drilling or hammering into the wall surface. You can do this with a detector available at any good hardware store. 

2. Get a Huge Bookshelf

Nothing makes as much of a statement as a huge bookshelf. By that, we don’t just mean a large shelving unit. We mean a case that fills a whole wall! Not only does it solve many of your storage problems, but it also makes a grand, sweeping statement.

The joy of large bookshelves is that they do not just have to store books. If they are big enough, you may want to put records, folders, and collectibles in them as well. You can even try a mix and match approach, with books in places, broken up by areas of space and other items. 

Custom bookcases are a little more expensive but can be a great focal point. Try something with a slightly wacky shape, or have a step edge to them. Depending on where the edge lies, you can use it to draw the eye towards a light source such as a window or patio door and make the room look longer. 

3. Use Shelves as Dividers

If you have a large room or live in a studio apartment, a clever way to cordon off areas is to use a shelf as a divider. Select one that allows light to travel through either via the shelving or its structure. Then you will also keep the light and space of the area. Use them to separate sleeping and living areas or dining and kitchen sections. 

This works best if you do not stack the shelving too much. Try to keep bigger items, such as boxes, at the bottom and away from eye level. The goal is to keep as much natural light in the space as possible, and you do not want to block it with clutter on the higher levels. 

4. Get a Coffee Table With Storage

If you choose other furniture items for your home, then furniture that has hidden storage is always a bonus. One of these ideas is a modern coffee tables that has hidden drawers or a lift up top. You can use it to hide blankets, television controllers, video games, and all manner of items. 

If you are in a small space, then a coffee table with storage is essential. If you are in a larger room, how about turning one into a cool drinks cabinet hiding all your aged liquor and bottles of champagne?

5. Sort the Shoes

Not so much a necessity as a storage hack, tidying the shoes is something you need to address. Shoes are one of the main household forms of clutter, and when they are kicked off after a long day at work, they can quickly take over a home. In an entrance hall, bedroom, or closet, they need to be addressed. 

A great idea is to take any dead space in your home and add cheap, effective shoe storage. This could be an alcove, a gap between two wardrobes, or space under with seating. Place some inexpensive slippers on there, so people swap footwear instead of just casting their shoes to one side. 

6. Place a Double Function Storage Bench

Storage benches are a great way to hide away any miscellaneous items you may have lying around that will not fit into convention shelving and storage boxes. However, you can go one step further by finding one with a cushioned top. This lets it act as a seat and storage. 

A storage bench is great in any area, particularly if it slips into an unused alcove or space. They can be great in entrance halls, as they allow people a place to sit and remove their footwear. However, we believe they look best under a window, where you can sit and reflect while taking in some sunlight. 

7. Put It Outside

If it does not fit in the house, and you have exhausted all your in-room storage options, then start to think about moving things out. Attic spaces or outdoor metal sheds are a great storage choice. They are also relatively inexpensive to build or renovate and give you a lot more space.

Start Today

When tidying clutter, you can not put it off. The mess will simply mount up, so you need to install storage options as quickly as possible. Do a quick check around your house and see where you could place items. 

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