Do you wake up in the morning and check the traffic to figure out how much time it’ll take for you to get to work? Living in a big city is not without its advantages, but it also comes with a host of stress. Sometimes, it’s enough to make you long for a slower pace of life.

If you’re sick of the daily grind in dense, urban areas, you might be starting to consider making the move to a more rural area. The good news is that there are a ton of benefits to living in a rural area. Read on to learn all about them!

1. Larger Lot Sizes

Living in the city might give you access to tons of amenities, but it also means that housing choices are significantly smaller than what you’d find in a rural area. It’s long been a joke that people in New York City can rent out a closet because of all of the demand for housing. 

If you’re tired of not having enough space, then you should consider making the move to a rural area. You’ll find a ton of single-family homes on lots that are at least one acre in size. In fact, you’ll find a ton of listings that include many acres of land.

Those listings might have a pre-existing structure on them, but there are also listings that are just land where you can build your own custom dream home. That’s hard to pass up!

2. More Privacy

Speaking of small living spaces, homes in urban areas don’t allow for privacy. If you live in a high-rise apartment building, you probably know what time your upstairs neighbor gets up to go to work and can smell what they’re cooking for dinner. 

Homes in rural areas are more spread out, in part because of the larger lot sizes and also because people in rural areas value having privacy. This allows you to get to know your neighbors on your own terms and in your own time, not because you’re hearing their kid try to learn how to play violin every Tuesday at 4.

3. Less Pollution

Don’t you love waking up in the morning, looking out the window, and seeing…a lot of smog around downtown?

We didn’t think so. 

Pollution is a huge problem for a lot of Americans. Air pollution can wreak havoc on your physical health by increasing the likelihood that you or your family will suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases. That’s not even getting into the issues with water in big cities.

One of the best parts about living in a rural area is that you’re living in a space that doesn’t have a lot of pollution to spoil the experience. You can head outdoors to relax or get a workout in without worrying about breathing in dirty air. 

What a relief!

4. Lower Crime Rates

Big cities are areas of big opportunity for criminals. There are a lot of reasons that crime is big in big cities.

First, there is more anonymity in big cities, meaning that it’s easier for criminals to get in and out of spaces without drawing attention to themselves. It’s also easier to hit multiple targets and get lost in the crowd before anyone catches on.

This is not the case in rural areas. Homes are further apart, and strangers are more likely to get noticed by neighbors. If you choose to live in a super isolated space, however, it’s worth investing in motion lights and a decent home security system.

You can never be too safe!

5. It’s Less Expensive

This is simple economics at work. In the city, there is a limited supply of housing and an ever-increasing demand for it. This means that you’re going to pay a ton of money to live in a very small space.

You’ll also pay more for things like car insurance and transportation if you have to fight traffic each day. Basic groceries can also cost you a pretty penny in urban areas as compared to rural areas. That doesn’t even take into consideration the ability you’ll have to grow and produce your own food at home!

6. Improved Mental Health

This might be surprising, but living in a big city can actually have a negative impact on your mental health. A host of studies show that city dwellers are much more likely to suffer from mental health disorders like schizophrenia and anxiety.

Meanwhile, similar studies have shown that living in areas with greater access to nature and greenery is linked with a decreased incidence of anxiety and depression.

If there’s one thing that rural areas have plenty of, it’s nature and green spaces. You can create your own garden, build a zen meditation pond, or relax in a hammock while reading a great book. There are so many ways to embrace the great outdoors in rural areas, and your mental health will be all the better for it.

7. Specialized Home Loan Programs

The home buying process in cities is a complicated process. Not only do you have to deal with HOAs and city-specific property taxes, but you don’t have a lot of options available in terms of mortgage lenders for buying your home.

The same is not true for rural areas. In fact, programs like the USDA home loan program incentivize people to move out of the city and into more rural areas by making it easier to obtain a mortgage. By moving to a rural area, your dreams of becoming a homeowner can finally come true!

What’s Not to Love About Living in a Rural Area?!

There are so many benefits to living in a rural area. Not only is the cost of living less expensive than urban living, but you’ll see improvements in your mental and physical health, enjoy increased privacy, and connect with nature. With all of these benefits, we have no doubt that you’re planning your escape from the city right now!

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