Are you wondering if your windows can be repaired instead of replacing them? Do you wish there was an easy way to decide which way to go?

Old windows are responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. That’s a lot of money going out the window.

If you want to avoid a costly window replacement, you need to understand what you see. Here are some telltale signs you need a professional window repair or a replacement.

1. Cracked Window Glass

If the crack is small and you have single-pane glass, a repair service can fix it at a fairly low cost. If your windows are double-paned or sealed glass it’s usually better to have them replaced. 

2. Rotted Window Frames

One of the possible signs a window needs repair is when the window frame shows signs of rot. That’s usually an indication that water is seeping in overtime.

One solution is to replace the windows with aluminum or vinyl windows. They’re more energy-efficient and add a modern look and feel to your home.

3. Your Windows Leak 

If you have a cracked window that allows water to enter your home, you can temporarily have it repaired to stop the damage. Eventually, the crack will grow larger and the glass will need replacing.

4. Worn or Dried Out Caulking

The caulking around the edges of your window glass is a seal that will wear out over time. This strip prevents draughts and insects from getting into your home, so it’s essential to keep it intact.

You can remove it with a putty knife when it breaks down but avoid damaging your window frame. Then you can recaulk the seal to complete the repair.

5. Broken or Shattered Glass

When you have a shattered or broken window, you often have to replace the entire glass. If you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace broken windows, call the best window repair service in your local area.

6. Windows Don’t Open Easily

When your windows stick, it may be a simple matter of too much paint on the sash. Your window frames may no longer be in alignment, which is a much larger problem. Contact a professional for their advice.

7. Heating or Cooling Costs Have Increased

Your windows protect you from the outdoors, and if they’re not performing well, you may notice colder temperatures in the winter and warmer air during the summer. 

Stand beside your window on a stormy day and check to see if you can feel air moving in from outside. If so, you have a serious air leak. If you replace the window it can save you money on heating and cooling bills. 

Consult a Window Repair Specialist

Now that you know when you can choose a window repair, you may be able to avoid a more costly window replacement. Call a window repair service in Ottawa for their advice if you’re not sure.

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