The Dubai government has been extending many reforms and policies for improving the business environment in the city. The government aims to encourage non-oil dependent industries to also flourish as much as the oil-based industry.

This will help in diversification of the economy and create various employment opportunities. As a result, today Dubai has a very diversified economy and encourages business landscape.

For anyone looking to establish themselves in Dubai, there are many business setup companies to take them through the processes and familiarize them with prevailing rules and regulations.

Let us take a look at some of the business setup companies in Dubai. If you are looking to start a new business in Dubai now or later, these are the people to go to.

1. Aajel Business Services

The business setup process in Dubai, as well as other parts of the UAE, is quite straightforward. However, it needs a knowledge of the local landscape and the various zoning and other regulations which need to be followed.

Business service providers help you with all the legal processes and other professional services such as document clearance, visa processing, certificate attestation, and ID card processing, etc. Their expert teams liaise with government bodies such as Dubai Municipality, Dubai Chamber, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Justice, and Dubai police to get all the necessary procedures done swiftly.

Working with this business setup company will enable you to concentrate on your business without any worry about the legal and compliance-related issues.

2. Royal Business Solutions

Setting up a new business can be daunting and many-a-time business owners and entrepreneurs want a professional to not just help them out but provide professional guidance as well.

With Royal business solutions, that is exactly what you can expect. In addition to helping you with all the paperwork, certificates, attestations, document clearance, and approvals they also give you proper guidance.

Their knowledge of the Dubai business environment comes in handy when they help you navigate all the procedures in the initial business days. They enable the setup of businesses in free zones where the regulations are a little different than other zones.

Some of their services include startup business setup, visa services, free zone company registration, document clearance, and company formation advisory services.

3. Admiral Corporate Services

Admiral Corporate Services work on the motto that their major business is to help other businesses set up their own. The company has an expert team working tirelessly to ensure all new companies can set up in Dubai without any hurdle.

Business set up companies in Dubai generally work on legal issues and paperwork alone however Admiral Corporate services provide additional services such as graphic designing, SEO services, and also arranging a local sponsor.

These services make a big difference during the initial operation days of a new business. You can contact them for all your business setup services and be rest assured that you are in good hands.

4. EBM Consultant

Whether you are setting up a new business or opening up a branch office in Dubai, you need a business setup company to help you navigate the processes. EBM Consultants provide a comprehensive package when it comes to business setup.

One of the most sought-after business setup companies, they handle the compliance requirements for all different types of companies like franchisees, mergers & acquisition, offshore companies, Freezone companies, and branch offices.

They work in all end-to-end operations right from setup processes, management services, visa processes, license renewal, immigration, and HR services also. With EBM consultants, you can be rest assured of an expert team working to set up your business.

5.  Business Services

Futureway Business Services is a one-stop-shop business setup company in Dubai. They work in all free zones and are well-versed in the many procedures involved in setting up businesses in the mainland as well.

Their service range includes trade license, license renewal, business sponsors, certificate attestation, notary services, website designing, marketing services, visa services, intellectual property rights, and consulting services for other business-related queries.

Dubai has different processes for different kinds of businesses and Futureway is known to navigate them all well with their experienced team.

6. BizLaw Global

With 25 years of experience, Bizlaw Global is known to be a pioneer among all business setup companies in Dubai and the Middle East. They handle all legal processes such as contract drafting, professional services, intellectual property, and legal translation.

Being a law based firm, they excel in handling all compliance and legal matters for new businesses so that the entire work is done on par with the government regulations.

The various legal provisions and their interpretations can seem daunting for new business owners and entrepreneurs. In such instances, contact BizLaw Global for resolution of all such issues.

7. Jumeira Consultants

One of the most popular firms for business setup services in Dubai, Jumeira consultants have made a mark for themselves in this field. With 7 offices across the UAE, they truly understand the business environment of the country.

All business setup services are handled by this company transparently and efficiently. They work with their customers closely and excel in providing advisory services based on their position and requirement.

Having been around for a long time, they can handle the registration and setup processes for all Freezone companies, family business companies, trade-based companies, and other types of companies as well. They also have expertise in trade licenses, tax certifications, and investment opportunities.

8. Kiltons Business Setup Services

Kiltons business setup service is a total service provider company for any new business looking to establish themselves in Dubai. Be it a mainland company, or an offshore company or a Freezone company Kilton’s Business Setup services can handle their entire setup and registration requirements.

Trade license, license renewal, sponsor search, brand value protection, and liquidation services are some of the services provided by the company in Dubai. Known to be a thorough and methodical organization, Kiltons is fast becoming one of the most popular business setup companies in Dubai.

9. Peninsula Business Solutions

Peninsula Business Solutions works with different government and non-government organizations to smoothen the business setup processes in Dubai for new and upcoming business owners.

They work with offshore companies, BVI companies, mainland companies, and Freezone companies. Peninsula Business solutions analyze the business and understand whether they are a professional, commercial, or industrial business so that the procedures can be followed accordingly.

They work with all the government organizations to ensure that the processes go fast and there is no delay in the business setup process. They are one of the most preferred companies for all new business owners due to their professional approach and proficient team.

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