Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Coffee Capsules

Coffee Pods

Pros and Cons of Using Coffee Capsules

There are plenty of ways to brew a cup of coffee. Besides brewing, there are different recipes that add a flavourful spin to your favourite brews. Whether you want a French vanilla, crème brûlée latte, or a hot cappuccino, you can easily make one in the house and without the hassle of banging the coffee filter.

Old coffee machines are a bit complicated, and learning how to operate them can take some time. Enter the modern-day espresso machines, such as Nespresso. All they require is your preferred coffee capsule, and, voilà, you will be sipping on your caramalleto.

A Brief History of Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules were introduced in 1986 after a Nestlé engineer Eric Favre visited an Italian espresso bar. He observed that the barista was continuously pulling the lever to put pressure on the beans to extract coffee. Later, Nespresso introduced four coffee capsules that didn’t create any hype. When Jean-Paul Gaillard became an employee at Nespresso, he changed the marketing strategy and turned the tiny capsules into a luxury item. 

And that’s how coffee capsules became popular and a part of people’s exclusive coffee “lifestyle”.

The purpose of telling you this is that even the idea of coffee capsules was based on convenience, which is one of its biggest benefits. Let’s take a look at the other advantages and disadvantages of coffee capsules:

Advantages of Coffee Capsules


You visit a local coffee shop and don’t get coffee that’s to your liking because the barista has changed. Every person has a different style of making coffee, which is why you might get a strong brew on some days and a muddy sludge on others; this is where coffee capsules come in. They ensure consistency because each capsule contains a specific amount that guarantees a perfect taste.


Need we mention how efficient coffee capsules are? Coffee bags often turn stale when they are not airtight. You won’t face this problem with coffee capsules. No matter how long its expiry date, the coffee will not lose its quality. 

Time Saver

Standing in line and buying a cup of coffee in the morning wastes time. Coffee capsules not only shorten the preparation time but also allow you to go about your day without worrying about getting your next caffeine fix. Hence, both home and office consumers should think about getting a Nespresso machine.

Preserves Freshness

When a pack of ground coffee is opened, it loses some of its scent and flavour. Though you can place the coffee in an airtight container, it won’t have the same taste from the time you took it out from its sealed bag. Coffee capsules have a huge advantage over coffee beans and ground coffee bags. They preserve the coffee’s freshness for as long as it’s not opened, and since they are for one-time use only, there’s nothing to worry about.

Disadvantages of Coffee Capsules

Specific Vendors

While coffee capsules provide quite the ease, buying them is a whole different matter. Many online stores sell coffee capsules, but finding the right blend can still be challenging. Then there’s the issue of delivery, which might take weeks, and the wait time can be incredibly frustrating because you are not getting your fix.


While traditional coffee machines that you see at local coffee shops are expensive because they offer a unique drinking experience, modern coffee machines are not far behind price-wise. A pack containing 50 coffee capsules usually costs $50. The cost is higher when you are buying specific blends and unique flavours.

Single Brew Setting 

The convenience that coffee capsules provide is a drawback too. Since most coffee machines come with a single setting, each cup of coffee is made with the same water temperature, amount, and pressure. So, whether you are drinking a Frappuccino or an Americano, the brewing process will be the same. Still, the coffee might turn out too diluted or intense. 

Not Environment-Friendly

Coffee pods are heavy on the environment. The pods that the coffee comes in are not biodegradable. As a result, they fill up the landfill with unnecessary waste.

We can’t say that the pros outweigh the cons because they are equally matched. Though a modern coffee machine is expensive, along with the coffee capsules, they make your mornings and afternoons easy. It can be challenging to find your favourite blend, but the fact that the capsules preserve freshness is a bonus. You will get to enjoy the same cup of coffee every day, and that’s something you can’t put a price on. Ultimately, it’s your decision that depends on your budget.


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