Installing roofing is a necessary cost everyone will need to do at some point, so it’s important to get it right the first time around. Roof installation mistakes can lead to expensive repairs and potential injury. 

At best, you’ll need to do another once-over to fix any issues. At worst, the entire roofing you’ve installed will have to be torn down and re-applied. 

Here are some roof installation tips on what mistakes to avoid and how to do it safely. 

Failing to Get a Roofing Permit

Depending on where you live and your local building jurisdiction, you may need a permit to do any kind of roofing repairs or installation. In some cases, permit requirements are exempted if the area for repairs is under a certain size. 

For example, repairing a leaking area of your roof is considered maintenance. However, you will require a permit if the roof has structural damage. 

Not Removing Old Shingles

One mistake people make is installing new shingles over your old ones. While it’s legal in some areas, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your roof. 

Layering shingles creates areas for moisture and dirt to collect, which will deteriorate and damage your roof over time. Remove the old shingles and underlayment before replacing them. 

Incorrect Use of Roofing Nails

Certain roofing systems need specific types of roofing nails that work best with them. If you use nails that are too short, your shingles could easily come loose in heavy wind. Not using enough nails can also result in a loose fixture. 

Remember to place the nail underneath the top layer of shingles to avoid corrosion and exposure to the elements. 

Ignoring Drip Edge

A drip edge helps to keep water away from your roofing components and provides a barrier along the edges. Without one installed, water can easily get under your shingles and cause damage.

Even though you’ll save money in the short-term by not installing them, you risk spending more down the line on additional repairs. They also sell heated drip edge panels to prevent ice and snow from piling up. 

Refusing to Get Help When Installing Roofing

The best roof installation advice you’ll get is to seek help from an expert. This is especially important if you’re reinstalling a roof on a building that has extensive structural damage. You may also find yourself confused when installing a more complex type of roof or if you have solar panels currently installed. 

Your local commercial roof contractor knows all the home construction laws and has all the necessary permits. Don’t be afraid to hire one or ask for their advice on your repair job. 

Roof Installation Guide

You can do all the research in the world, but nothing beats experience. Installing roofing by yourself requires at least some experience in construction or home repair. If you lack that, you may be better off hiring a contractor. 

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