Connecticut Real Estate Trends and Predictions for 2022


The average price of a home in Connecticut in April 2021 was around $280,000.

If you already live in or are moving to Connecticut, you’ll definitely be interested in trends with Connecticut real estate. 

So what’s going to happen in 2022? Keep reading for the top Connecticut real estate predictions you should keep in mind. 

Tough Market For Buyers

Just as in 2021, the market will continue to be tough for buyers and great for sellers. 

Buyers will still have limited options as the inventory in Connecticut remains low. The prices might rise even more than they did in 2021, especially with a higher mortgage rate.

This may even end up driving some buyers out of the market. However, if you’re a seller, this is the perfect time to consider selling your home. 

However, there is one factor that might affect the buyer’s market. Many people are still working from home or might have different hybrid models at their job.

This could lead to people either moving away from Connecticut or their jobs going back into the office. However, if more companies decide to go remote, more people might decide to move to Connecticut to work from there. 

Moving with a remote job could also mean that people with higher incomes are moving into areas with lower-paying jobs. This can change the housing market and drive up prices.

Low Inventory

There’s also going to be a lot of low inventory on the market in Connecticut as well. Many of the homes that were listed have jumped up in pricing. 

Connecticut is one area that has a low inventory with many people deciding to move to the area. 

One thing that might change the low inventory is convincing people to sell their homes. If more people start selling their homes, this will increase inventory and drive prices down for buyers. 

However, as people are still trying to figure out their life after COVID-19 and figuring out their new job’s working model, many people still aren’t sure if they want to sell. The low inventory is also driving people to stay in the house that they’re at. 

In Connecticut, many people who now live there have moved from New York City to own a home as it’s much cheaper. However, this is causing many problems for people who currently live in Connecticut. 

the shortage of homes isn’t just for moderately-priced homes. It’s also for homes that are really expensive. If the inventory shortage continues, the prices will go up.

Higher Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve Board is also set to raise interest rates. During the pandemic, the rates were very low with the government hoping to combat any inflation from COVID-19.

However, with cases dropping, the government might raise the interest rate. Keep in mind that this doesn’t always dictate the rate of mortgages, but they are heavily influenced.

If the mortgages raise, then creating a mortgage will increase. This could mean that it’s harder for people to buy mortgages, so it could potentially slow the market down.

However, it also means that it will cost more for you to be able to get a mortgage on a home.

Bidding Wars

Bidding wars for houses were popular in 2021 when buying real estate in Connecticut, but this trend will continue in 2022. 

In fact, it may even get worse. There are many interest rates that will be changing soon, so many buyers are trying to find a house before the interest rates go up.

These rates will mean that people will rush and overbid on homes to get a low-interest rate before the government increases it.

However, the bidding wars will also continue as investors and companies are trying to buy homes with cash, offering way over the asking price. 

More Buyers

There are also going to be more buyers in 2022. There were many buyers who entered the market in 2021 but got burnt out when they couldn’t find a home.

Many buyers from that time period will try to re-enter the market, but they’ll find that the demand hasn’t fallen. But for some buyers, time is running out and they need to find a home.

So some buyers who want some stability will try to keep buying houses, so there will be more competition. 

As more people settle down as companies either go remote or into the office, many people may also start looking for a home. 


When you learn about this real estate in this area, you’ll also find that the market will be very stable for a while.

Many people are wondering if the housing market will crash as it did in 2008, but this is a different situation for a few reasons.

For example, mortgage lenders now have stricter rules for lending money. This means that no one can default on a risky mortgage.

The housing supply is also really low right now, so with a low inventory, the prices won’t drop for a few more years. The inventory may not catch up for a few years as well. 

Learn More About Connecticut Real Estate Trends And Predictions

These are only a few things to know about Connecticut real estate trends and predictions, but there are many other things that can happen with the real estate market as well. 

If you’re interested in more real estate trends and predictions, you’ll have to know where to look.

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