Cost of Living in New Mexico vs United States

New Mexico

                New Mexico is a state in the southwestern part of the United States. It is near the Mexican border and shares borders with Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. It is a beautiful state and has many interesting cities that draw people from around the country.

                There are many homes for sale in New Mexico, as well. Most of them are affordable to the middle-income people in the area. You can see to see some of the homes that may be for sale. Maybe you can make New Mexico your new home.

                This article will tell you more about New Mexico and the cost of living there. It will compare the cost of living with other parts of the country. It will also let you know if this is the place that you might want to call home.

Cost of Living

                The cost of living is based on several factors: housing, utilities, transportation, food, goods and services, healthcare, and income. These are things that you will need to have in any city that you live in. This article will compare the cost of living in New Mexico and Kansas. We will see which area is the least expensive to live in. You can see the cost of living in both places here: This calculator will help compare other cities if you want, as well.


Housing in New Mexico is lower than the median average at around $878 per month for rent. In Wichita, that same home could be rented for around $811, saving you some money in the Midwest. The homes are comparable in size and amenities.


Utilities are similar in both states, with New Mexico being a little lower for energy and telephone. Your telephone will cost you around $155 and energy will be around $185. In Wichita, telephone bills will be around $160 while energy will be around $195. These are comparable services in both states.


Transportation costs include tire balancing and gasoline for this article. In Wichita, the costs are just slightly higher than in Albuquerque. Tire balancing runs around $51, while gasoline is about $2.65 per gallon. In Albuquerque, tire balancing is around $50, and gasoline is about $2.55. This makes New Mexico slightly less.


Healthcare is based on optometry, doctors, dentists, ibuprofen, and prescription medications. In Wichita, an optometrist will cost you about $150 and a doctor will cost you $100, and a dentist will be $90 per visit. Medications will be $9.50 for ibuprofen and $490 for prescription medications. In Albuquerque, the optometrist will be around $100 per visit, a doctor will be about $107 per visit, and the dentist will cost you about $100 per visit. The medications are about $9 for ibuprofen and $415 for prescription medications.

Goods and Services

                Goods and services include many things including fast food hamburgers, pizza, chicken, haircut, beauty salon, toothpaste, shampoo, dry cleaning, men’s shirts, boy’s jeans, women’s slacks, newspapers, movie ticket, yoga, vet services, beer, and wine.

Hamburgers are around $4 in Wichita and $5 in Albuquerque. Pizza is around $10 in both places and chicken is about $4 in both places. You can get a haircut for $21 in Wichita, and $25 in Albuquerque. Going to the beauty salon will cost you about the same for both cities, which is around $40. Toothpaste and shampoo are also close to the same price in both cities, around $3 for both items.

Dry cleaning will be more expensive in Wichita at about $15, which is about $5 more than in Albuquerque. Men’s shirts are about twice as expensive in Wichita than in New Mexico, about $50 in Kansas and $25 in Albuquerque. Boy’s jeans are $30 in Wichita, and $23 in Albuquerque. The other items on the list are just about the same for both cities with only a few cents difference.


The median income for both cities is around $54,000 which is a little more than the rest of the country. You can see the median income for the country here. This shows you that the median income is around $31,000.  


Wichita, Kansas and Albuquerque, New Mexico have about the same cost of living for most things. Even the income levels are nearly the same in both places. It seems that if you want to live in either of these cities, you can do quite well with a middle-class income. Both cities are comparable in all areas. It seems that the biggest choice is if you want the plains of Kansas or the desert of New Mexico.

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