Did you know that the average sales price of a US home rose 17% in 2021? There are ways to improve a home and boost profits further even in this current market. Many homeowners choose to improve curb appeal first.

Are you preparing to sell your home and need curb appeal ideas? Home exterior updates are beneficial and easier than you’d think.

The following guide will offer curb appeal advice to attract buyers and increase your home’s value. Read on for home tips you can apply before selling.

Prioritize Landscaping

Landscaping is a great way to make your home stand out from others to attract buyers. For example, you can plant trees, add flower beds, or plant shrubs.

Consider adding solar landscaping lights for an affordable and simple upgrade. They’ll add character to your home at night and they don’t require any wiring.

Make sure to mow your lawn and take care of any weeds. Your yard is the first thing potential buyers see and it makes a big first impression. You can always read more about landscaping options and find ideas that fit your property.

Spruce up Your Entry

When approaching a home, our eyes tend to get fixated on the front door. A welcoming entryway is a key component to adding curb appeal. Consider painting your front door or even upgrading to a completely new door.

You can also add simple things like light fixtures, a welcome mat, or flower pots. Even upgrading to a lighted doorbell and higher quality house numbers adds to aesthetics.

Don’t Overlook Windows

Sometimes homeowners forget to prioritize their windows when adding curb appeal. Things like shutters and window boxes frame windows to make a home look sleeker.

Shutters and window boxes are simple to install and come in many colors. You can also hire professionals to create custom-designed shutters if you prefer.

At the very least, don’t forget to keep your windows clean. It’s an inexpensive task that makes your home look well maintained. Simply spray the windows with glass cleaner and wipe them with a paper towel or cloth.

Mailbox Upgrades

Mailboxes are often overlooked but they’re very important to curb appeal. Many mailboxes so signs of wear or they’re bland and boring. 

You can find mailboxes in every color whether they’re post-mounted or wall-mounted. Find a mailbox that complements the exterior color of your home. You can also replace posts with stone construction to really make it unique.

There are also wraps and covers if you don’t feel like completely replacing your mailbox. You can also look into mailbox locking features to add extra security.

Applying Curb Appeal Advice

We hope our curb appeal advice has given you several ideas you can start applying now. Remember that your yard, entry, windows, and even your mailbox are important.

Try out some tips from this guide and give your home the personality and value it deserves. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful home advice and other great topics.

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