Dating While Going Through a Divorce: 5 Tips for Avoiding Messy Situations


Every year, there are over 700,000 divorces in the US. And even though divorce is commonplace, it’s not enough to squash people’s love for love.

In fact, some people struggle to stay away from romance and dating, even while going through a divorce.

It makes sense that someone might want to move on from a rough marriage and forge a new, happier relationship with someone new. If you can relate, use these five essential tips for dating while going through a divorce.

1. Establish Separation First

One rule to always remember is to avoid dating unless you’ve establish a physical separation from your spouse.

Dating during divorce can get messy, but legally, most judges will tolerate it as long as you and your partner are separated. If you haven’t yet separated, your new relationship can put you at fault for the divorce, making it hard to get a reasonable settlement.

2. Be Careful When Paying for Dates

Dating can be expensive, from eating at fancy restaurants to buying gifts for your new guy or gal.

But you should be especially careful about how you use your money during this time, especially if financial arrangements haven’t been made with your ex. If your lifestyle is changing as you start dating, it’s worth investing in financial mediation to avoid making any money mistakes.

3. Keep the Kids Out of It

If you and your ex have children, the divorce process is likely taking a huge toll on their wellbeing. As a parent, you may worry about this and want to do everything you can to make these changes easier for them.

That doesn’t mean you must refrain from dating. But you should keep your dating life separate from your home life.

Wait before introducing new partners to your children. Not only should you delay until your new relationship is stable and serious, but you should also wait until your children have processed the divorce and new family structure.

4. Go Slow

You may wonder when to start dating again. But when you start dating isn’t as important as how quickly you date.

In other words, mixing and mingling with new people may help you re-establish your independence and identity away from your marriage. But moving too quickly with someone new may lead to more trouble.

Don’t rush into commitment, especially while still finalizing your divorce. Give yourself and your family an opportunity to grieve the past before trying to hurry into the future.

5. Use Protection

You may want to leave your divorce out of the bedroom, but it’s important to play it safe for the time being. And that means using protection and avoiding pregnancy while dating.

Getting pregnant and potentially bringing a new family member into the picture can complicate and even prolong the divorce process. If you want to be extra cautious, avoid sexual relationships altogether during your divorce.

Dating While Going Through a Divorce: How to Make It Work 

Navigating a divorce when dating is tricky and can even change the results of your divorce settlement.

If you’re dating while going through a divorce, be sure to follow these five tips. And for extra peace of mind, consider speaking to a divorce attorney to make sure a new relationship doesn’t complicate the ending of your old one.

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