On average, remodeling a kitchen costs about $25,100. When you’re looking into luxury kitchen design ideas, it’s entirely worth it! Think about how you’ll wow guests at your next dinner party.

Not sure where to start? Here are 10 luxury kitchen ideas by A+ Construction & Remodeling that can help you build your dream home.

With these tips, you can turn the heart and hearth of your home into your favorite room. Start your kitchen makeover with these easy tips today! Or check more information about Kitchen Wall Decor.

1. Marble Countertops

Nothing says luxury kitchen design like stunning marble countertops. Marble can add a flair of elegance to your kitchen.

Beyond that, they’re also cool to the touch, which can help if your kitchen tends to heat up.

2. Unique Splashback

A unique splashback can give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind detail your guests will rave about.

Consider exploring different options, such as fun geometric patterns or an antique mirror look. Make sure your splashback complements your cabinet and sink detailing as well.

3. Bespoke Cabinets

Kitchen remodeling accounts for almost 80% of all renovation projects in a single year. Your kitchen makeover can have a big impact on your entire home. It can even improve your home’s value if you plan on putting it on the market.

When was the last time you updated your cabinets? The color and style of your cabinets can make your entire luxury kitchen.

Consider switching to handleless cabinets for a streamlined look.

4. Bold Colors

Ready for a fresh coat of paint? Give your kitchen a color that really pops. A bold color will bring out your cabinets.

At the same time, the lighting and handle detailing will shine through.

5. Double Kitchen Sink

As you explore these luxury kitchen ideas, don’t forget to think practically. For example, you might benefit from a double kitchen sink.

If your kitchen is often crowded (or the sink is always full), adding another can offer convenience and ease. Check out these kitchen rug ideas for more inspriation.

6. An Integrated Wine Cooler

Put your wine collection on display. An integrated wine cool can add a hint of luxury to your kitchen.

It’s also convenient if you love a glass while you cook.

7. Wood Floors

Wood flooring can complement your countertops. At the same time, it gives warmth and elegance to the room.

Make sure the flooring you choose can handle changes in humidity. 

8. Unique Lighting

Unique lighting is another great luxury kitchen idea. Consider using reclaimed industrial pieces.

Want to add luxury to your entire home? Consider these ideas from robertelliotthomes.com.

9. High-End Appliances 

If you really want a luxury kitchen, you’ll need the right appliances.

Consider a double-door refrigerator, high-tech oven, and other features any serious foodie will love. The changes you make to your kitchen will make it perfect for entertaining.

10. Kitchen Island Seating

Give your guests a place to sit. Integrated kitchen island seating to bring everyone together in the kitchen. Make sure your upholstery says “luxury,” too.

The Perfect Kitchen Makeover: 10 Luxury Kitchen Ideas for 2021

Ready for the kitchen of your dreams? Keep these 10 luxury kitchen ideas in mind. With these tips, you can turn your kitchen into a stunning place for entertaining.

Searching for more tips? We have them!

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