Did you know that 90 species of bugs make up the Cimicidae insect family? That includes Cimex lectularius, also known as the common bed bug, which has re-invaded all 50 U.S. states.

While bed bugs may not harbor disease, their bites may still cause skin infections. Moreover, their constant feeding may result in their host losing sleep.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep these blood-suckers out of your home. This guide discusses how to prevent bed bugs, so be sure to keep reading.

Avoid Bringing Home a Used Mattress

New mattresses are undoubtedly expensive; even a budget type can cost up to $1,000. Therefore, a used mattress, which may cost only half or even less, can seem attractive.

Unfortunately, there’s a high likelihood of second-hand mattresses harboring bed bugs. So unless you carry out a careful, thorough inspection, you may not see the adults and their eggs.

Thus, it’s best to invest in a brand new mattress instead of putting your entire home at risk of an infestation.

Be a Mindful Traveler

Almost half of surveyed Americans say they plan to travel this 2022. If you’re one of those folks, make sure you opt for accommodations offering luggage racks.

Then, once you’re at the hotel or rental house, place your luggage on the rack. That helps keep it off the floor where bed bugs might be crawling.

It’s also best to inspect the mattress and frame for bed bugs and eggs. Check the mattress for dried blood; if you see brown spots, that may indicate a bed bug infestation. The same goes if you see eggs; they usually come in clusters of white, pearly casings about 1 mm long.

Call the hotel or rental management as soon as you notice those signs. They should provide you with a pest-free room, and if they can’t, refund your payment.

Decontaminate Your Stuff After a Trip

Whether or not you’ve been to a bed-bug infested place, decontaminate your stuff as soon as you get home. Vacuum your luggage outside to prevent unwanted hitchhikers from entering your house. It also pays to run the clothes you’ve used while traveling through a dryer cycle set at the safest maximum heat.

Request a Free Pest Inspection

According to Pegasuspest.com, trustworthy pest control companies offer free home inspections. That enables them to conduct a thorough assessment of your insect situation. They then use their findings to determine if you need professional treatment.

So, why not take advantage of those free services to ensure you have a pest-free home? If it turns out that you do need treatment, then at least you can have the pros carry it out right away. That can help mitigate pest populations, including a potential bed bug infestation.

That’s How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Remember: it costs more to kill bed bugs than keep them out of your home. Moreover, controlling them is becoming more challenging, as they’ve grown resistant to insecticides.

But now that you know how to prevent bed bugs, you can apply what you’ve learned every time you travel. Also, avoid second-hand stuff. Lastly, hire pros for help before an infestation worsens.

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