Getting Started: 3 YouTube Content Ideas


Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel?

YouTube is a great way to get your ideas out there, but it can be a major struggle to keep up with your competition.

You have to find a way to create engaging content that’ll attract new viewers. You have to find a way to be unique among the re-hashed content that YouTube offers.

So what are the YouTube content ideas you should follow? How do you build your audience and gain more subscribers?

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Introduction

Does your YouTube channel have an introduction video? This can be a video where you introduce yourself or you introduce your channel.

If you are running a channel for a business or non profit, create a video that introduces the organization. You can hire a non profit video production service to make a great introduction video.

You should make your introduction video as the featured video on your channel’s page. Feel free to update your introduction video if you find that it loses views over time.

Your introduction can be a short video that convinces viewers to subscribe to your channel. You want to try to speak to them directly. You must appear personable in this video.

2. Explainer

This is a great type of video to introduce a product or service. You can also use it to explain the industry or niche of your channel.

An explainer video can involve an animation where you map out what a product or service does. It’s usually accompanied by an audio narration explaining the images.

Alternatively, you can speak directly to the camera to explain and promote your industry or niche. You want to make sure you practice public speaking if you go down this route.

Explainer videos should be as succinct as possible. You have to see them as an alternative to a blog post or guide that explains what your organization offers.

3. Q&A

If you have a small subscriber base, why not give them a great Q&A session?

You can schedule a live stream where viewers can ask you questions using YouTube’s chat option. You can then respond to them through the video. The video gets recorded for viewers to re-watch at a later time.

Q&A videos are a great way to bridge the gap between creators and their audiences. This shows that you want to engage with your subscribers and is a great way to keep their loyalty.

You can schedule Q&A videos on a weekly or monthly basis to continue growing your subscriber base.

Choose Among These YouTube Content Ideas

You can choose among these YouTube content ideas to see which is best for your channel. It’s best to try a couple of them to gain more subscribers.

Make sure you spend time brainstorming and planning your videos ahead of time. These are likely to get more views than improvised videos. Don’t be afraid to recreate videos if they don’t garner lots of views at first.

Please share this guide with your fellow YouTubers. You can find more content creation tips on our website!


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