Registered dietitians and nutritionists don’t really recommend people to patronize places like Domino’s too frequently, as these places aren’t exactly temples to healthy food. But if you go to Domino’s only every now and then, it’s not so bad. You can also minimize the damage by getting the right orders.

A lot has already been written about the healthy and unhealthy pizzas from Domino’s. But what about the other types of items on the menu? Here are some recommended items that you should consider, in case you’re not in the mood for pizza, and you’re still in Domino’s anyway.

What’s The Healthiest Specialty Chicken?

The first rule when it comes to chicken orders at Domino’s is that you try to avoid or at least minimize the use of the sauces. The sweet ones are particular packed with added sugar which may not be good for you at all.

Your best option with specialty chicken is to go with the Classic Hot Buffalo. It has the fewest calories compared to the other options. You also get lower levels of sugar and fat.

What you shouldn’t order is the Crispy Bacon and Tomato. It has too many calories, and too much fat.

What’s The Healthiest Wings?

Wings are classics, and they’re great as side orders when you’re hungry. But if you’re worried about your health, just go with the plain wings. And don’t get the sauces.

The plain wings have much lower sugar and sodium levels than the other wings options. It also has fewer calories, and slightly lower fat content.

You should avoid the Sweet Mango Habanero Wings, on the other hand. It’s already infused with the sweet sauce, which means you get a lot of sugar instead.

What’s The Healthiest Sandwich?

The obvious first rule here is to stick with the ½ sandwiches. After all, even half a sandwich can do a lot to fill you up. Then you go with the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich.

This is an obvious choice, as the focus is more on the veggies while you limit your intake of processed meat. That way, you reduce your intake of calories, saturated fat, and sodium.

To the dismay of its fans, the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Habanero may be the unhealthiest of the sandwiches. How can it be so bad, when it has grilled chicken along with jalapeños and pineapple? Well, the issue is actually with the added sweet dressing, which really increases the added sugar.

What’s The Healthiest Pasta?

Bear in mind that pasta orders can contain lots more calories than the sandwiches. But if you simply have a pasta bowl craving you can’t resist, you’re best off with the tin of the Pasta Primavera. You can get a Pasta primavera for around $7.99, so it’s not all that expensive. Just order without the bread bowl to keep it healthy (not to mention less expensive).

With the Pasta Primavera, you still get enough protein at 16g. But compared to the other pasta options, you get fewer calories, and lower levels of sugar, sodium, and fat.

Don’t go with the Italian Sausage Marinara. With its processed meats and sauce, you get a lot higher levels of sodium and fat.

What’s The Healthiest Bread?

Your healthiest option is to actually just forego the bread altogether. Sure, it’s tempting to add the bread to your pizza, sandwich, or pasta. But those main dishes are already giving you plenty of carbohydrates, and the extra carbs from the bread won’t do you any favors.

But if you do have to have bread for some reason, you should at least stick to the Parmesan Bites. At least it’s the least evil of the bread options, as it has the fewest calories and lowest fat content.

On the other hand, the Jalapeño Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Bread is the worst. The added cheese really packs in the calories.

What’s The Healthiest Salad?

The main rule with the salads at Domino’s is that you minimize the ingredients as much as you can. The more ingredients you get with the salad, the more calories and fat you consume.

That means you should just go with the Garden Fresh Salad. As the name says, you also have fresh veggies, which are always good for you. You also get a lot of fiber that makes you feel a lot more satisfied for a longer time. That keeps you from overeating and from snacking too soon afterwards.

With the Chicken Caesar Salad though, the added dressing and cheese adds more calories. But you can make it better (for what that’s worth), by opting for a light Italian dressing.

What’s The Healthiest Dessert?

If you somehow still don’t feel overly full and you’re still up for some dessert, then the Marbled Cookie Barnie is a great choice compared to the Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake. You only get half the calories, fat, and sugar.

True, the Chocolate Lava Crunch Cake is undeniably scrumptious. But the added calories, fat, and sugar just aren’t worth it. You already got plenty of those bad stuff from the other items off the menu.

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