According to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies LIRA report, the home remodeling trend should continue unabated and surpass $380 billion by the middle of 2022.

Whether you’ve been on board with the remodeling craze since the outset or you’re a latecomer to the trend, you’re probably interested to know what’s hot in the world of interior design right now. 

Check out these trends in home decorating if your aims for the new year include revamping your living arrangements.  

Perhaps it’s caused by the lingering after-effects of lockdowns and other isolation measures, or simply a mindset change, but the natural look is still the biggest trend in interiors.

This trend starts with natural light and emerges in open spaces that make the outside part of indoor living at every turn. Windows are bigger, patios are everywhere, and conservatories are back on everyone’s wishlist.

Privacy issues are easily overcome with retractable blinds that won’t interrupt your views. You can press these into service when you require shade or solitude.

Easy to install and snug-fitting, Perfect Fit window dressings remove the barriers to enjoying the outdoors inside. According to, these blinds only take 30 seconds to set up and are the top-selling window treatment at the moment.  

Tends in home decor center on creating a soothing, calm environment, by incorporating a visual connection with nature. 

The move to a more natural design doesn’t stop at the visuals. Natural elements have infiltrated indoors, too. Plants, natural fibers like wood, wool, and rattan, and shades of nature dominate interior design nowadays.

Brown is a big hit, as is green, and it doesn’t stop at the color, either. 

Sustainable design continues to dominate home decor trends. Now, homeowners are redoing their spaces from the ground up with recycled and recyclable materials. 

That means sustainable flooring like bamboo and cork are a top choice along with recycled aluminum and steel windows. Whatever you’re planning for your home’s new look, make sure it’s been around the block a few times first.

There’s no shortage of sustainable materials to choose from, and recycled goods have an undeniable charm. Often, their aesthetic outweighs even their feel-good appeal. 

Search for responsibly manufactured, consciously designed items from light fittings, to linen. You’ll find enough gorgeous things to redecorate your home several times over. 

Likewise, green technology is everywhere in modern homes, and increases your home’s value, too. Smart thermostats, recycled water systems, and low-flow fittings are some top trends in indoor tech.

Of course, you need something to manage it all. Smart home systems that keep tabs on your water and energy use and practically run your home on your behalf. 

A return to lasting style instead of throw-away consumerism is an offshoot of the sustainability trend. When you shop for this year’s big thing, make sure it’s going to fascinate you for years to come. 

Stepping Back in Time

Retro is the next logical step when it comes to re-using pre-loved items. Trawl your local second-hand stores for iconic 70s styled fixtures, to bring your home back in line with this novel trend.

The 70s were a time of bold colors and designs, geometric shapes, and hippie back-to-nature touches with a touch of technicolor thrown in.  Think shades of sage, mustard, and terracotta, teak wood, and textured fabrics.

These aspects, coupled with the preference for open-plan designs, fit in perfectly with today’s trends for interior design. 

Once hailed as the decade-that-taste-forgot, the 70s are back with a psychedelic bang in 2022. Perhaps we’ll regret it by 2023, but why not submit to the fun of it all for now?

Bold Is Beautiful in 2022

If you can’t bring yourself to commit to seventies style, that doesn’t mean you should steer clear of bold designs and colors. That’s especially true as the kitchen emerges from an ear where white was the only color we ever considered for this room.

Modern kitchens are colorful, playful spaces. They have colorful AGAs, stoves, and refrigerators, painted walls, and bold splashbacks. Now, cabinets feature multiple shades of colors that we haven’t seen in kitchens before, and kitchen islands aren’t far behind.

Eye-catching wallpaper, matt black fixtures, and white marble are all the rage in bathrooms, and nature is calling in these rooms, too.

Organic elements and houseplants help create a restful spa aesthetic. They help your bathroom become the restful haven it’s meant to be. 

In line with the natural, gentle approach to interior design, curved furniture is still one of the top home decorating trends for 2022.

Angular, boxy furniture has had its day, with softly rounded edges dominating tables, sofas, and chairs. Even walls are taking on a curved aspect, especially in corners, and arches are on their way back too. 

Look for comfortable, fun, striking pieces with soft, curvaceous edges. 

Multi-Purpose Rooms

As the work-from-home trend continues and some children embrace home-schooling for good, homeowners are converting their living spaces into permanent multi-functional rooms.

The kitchen table now does triple duty as a school desk, workstation, and dining area. A living room might serve as a gym, home theater, and home office. 

Lasting Choices in Home Design

With so many trends in home decorating to choose from, it’s easy to mix and match a style that suits your taste. Remember, you’re the one who has to live with your choices, so go with what makes your heart sing instead of slavishly following fashion.

Interior design trends come and go, but sensibly selected, well-made pieces will last a lifetime. 

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