CBD Oil is one of the fastest growing all-natural, alternative treatment options, which is used for a wide range of common illnesses. According to several recent studies, stress and anxiety are one of the leading causes of heart disease and stroke. For many, conventional treatments do not seem to work.

Speaking of anxiety, people who suffer from anxiety can actually become so overcome by its effects that it can become debilitating. This frequently leads to the prescribing of powerful anti-anxiety medications. These treatments don’t work for everyone and these prescription treatments often come with a lot of dangerous and undesirable side effects.

Can CBD Oil be the magic bullet for the treatment of anxiety?

The compounds found in CBD Oil have shown to have a significant effect on the receptors in a number of the major systems in the body. It is this interaction with these receptors that help CBD Oil work in helping to treat so many illnesses and disorders. This includes anxiety.

The compounds in CBD Oil are believed to interact positively with the CB1 receptors in the brain that affect the levels of serotonin produced. According to researchers, lower serotonin levels are found commonly in people suffering from depression and other mental health issues like anxiety. Typical drug treatments include prescribing powerful drugs like Zoloft and Prozac. Recently people have discovered that taking CBD Oil drops under the tongue is able to help relieve them

What exactly is CBD Oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is an oil made from extracting the cannabinoid compound from the Cannabis Sativa Marijuana and Hemp plants. Along with CBD, THC is another of the 130 cannabinoids compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa Marijuana and Hemp plants.

Can I get high from taking CBD Oil?

THC is considered a psychoactive compound and this cannabinoid is what produces the “high” effect. If you choose to buy CBD Hemp Oil, it will have very little or no THC.

Is CBD Oil safe?

CBD Oil is completely safe to take and it does not have the same long list of side effects often associated with most of the antidepressant medications frequently prescribed by doctors. The smaller list of minor side effects makes it a much better alternative to normal treatments.

One thing you need to know is that if you are currently taking a prescribed drug for your anxiety, you need to consult with your doctor first. This is because of many of the drugs, like Zoloft and Prozac, have serious withdrawal issues that you need to be very cautious of.

Did you know CBD isn’t just for ingestion?

It also has amazing benefits for your skin when used topically.

Our assortment of anti-aging products are designed to help your skin look and feel incredible! Use to promote firmer skin, each product in our skincare line contains 20 mg of CBD, this helps stimulate natural collagen production, elastin production, and also can reduce age lines and brighten dullness or age spots.

Nutritional Benefits

We care about our customers’ health and nutritional well-being.

We have several supplements that boost your immune system, curb over-eating, and give you energy from natural sources.

These products include many superfoods to give your body the nutrition it needs to function at its best.

CBD For Your Pet??

Humans and other mammals have an endocannabinoid system. There are specific cannabinoid receptor sites located primarily in the brain, central nervous system and peripheral organs, especially in the immune cells.

The endocannabinoid system has been found to be present in all vertebrates. CBD interacts in a similar way in our pets as is done in humans. CTFO CBD has less than 0.2% THC and no psychoactive properties.

CBD can help your older pets stay more active and youthful. It can also help relieve any anxiety due to separation, loud noises or stressful conditions

As with any new health routine, please check with your vet prior to use.

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