Did you know that the experts have advised homeowners to save about 1% to 3% of their house’s purchase price every year? The reason for this is to have money available for the repair costs that are often unavoidable.

If your home has one or more broken windows, then you might be worrying about how to fix them without breaking the bank.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How much is a window repair?” Keep reading to learn all about how much window repairs cost.

The Type of Window

When it comes to the question of how to repair a window, the price can vary based on the type of window you have.

In general, a single-pane window will cost less to fix than a double-pane window. The cost is generally around $80 for a single-pane window. However, there are different sizes and subsets of each window type that could further affect the final price.

For instance, a single-pane window could be a casement, double-hung, single-hung, arched, sliding, or a different type altogether. Simply put, the bigger and more complex the window type, the more you can expect to pay for repairs.

If you want to choose a new window type, then you should consider these reasons to get double glazed windows.

Labor Costs

Are you still asking yourself, “How much do window repairs cost?”

Aside from paying for the material costs, you also have to figure in the hours spent working on the project. Generally, a skilled laborer charges anywhere from $50 to around $80 an hour.

In addition, the number of hours will go up if the laborer needs to create a custom-shaped window to replace the broken one.

If there’s damage to the frame of the window, then this will make the process even more expensive, depending on the extent of the damage.

Get a Quote

Before you hire someone to repair your window, it’s important to get quotes from several different businesses. However, you shouldn’t just go with the cheapest quote because this could reflect on the quality of the repairs.

Rather, you should do more research into each business before making your final choice. For starters, comparing and contrasting online reviews can give you a much better idea of a particular business. Recommendations from friends or family members can also make the search easier.

If you’re struggling to decide between businesses, then you should ask for customer references. Just be sure that the customers are from the recent past because a business can change a lot over time, even after 6 months.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you could always try your hand at DIY window repair.

Ready to Get Your Window Repairs Done?

Now that you’ve learned all about how much window repairs cost, you can make sure that your house is as perfect as can be. New windows can even increase your curb appeal.

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