How To Bring Greenery in Home


For a perfect balance of worldly and contemporary decor, incorporate a green accent wall into your living area. Utilize your green accent wall to the fullest by stylishly decorating with wall arts, and ensure your choice of furniture is consistent with the shade. 

This expertly detailed article is the perfect guide to styling up your space with the color green, a trendy, and contemporary style of decoration that can never go out of commission. 

Adequate Color Pallets  For Green Accent Wall


Organic hues are undoubtedly the best way to build a dark green color palette; hence, you can focus on shades birthed from nature. Organic hues blend well with both light and dark green tones, giving your home a reposeful atmosphere and excellent aesthetic with the green hues. And for a calm and cool appearance, you can integrate decorative accessories with sea-blue and ivory-like colors. 

Emerald Green And Orange

This stands as one of the top color combinations of this year. Pair emerald green with a terracotta-inspired orange shade for maximum effect. You can also substitute vibrant orange hues for something less noticeable: This ensures there is no clash in the color. You can hang a piece of burnt orange wall art against a green background for the best result. 

Trending Green Shapes

Silvery mint green and dark green accent walls are great to pair for a trendy and contemporary outlook. For an eye-catching monochromatic outlook, this color pallet is undoubtedly a great choice. The silvery mint color, when creatively combined with dark green, creates a perfect balance between calm and revitalizing. The balance achieved from such a combination is peaceful and energetic at the same time. 

Botanical Wall Arts 


You can hang botanical wall arts on your wall to bring the green vibes in it. For example, beautiful painting of flowers or other green plants is best for any room. Whether you have modern interior or you love contemporary look, botanical paintings look good in every home style. 

Botanical wall art is not a in depth detail of any plant but reflects its beauty. But, flower painting is very specific that shows a beauty of a particular flower. Further, the paintings can bring more vibrant colors in your interior in addition to green shade. 

Go for Photo Collage

A collage is a technique of art-making commonly associated with visual arts. When you beautifully and consistently display photo collages on your green accent wall, your interior decor comes alive–breathtakingly and astoundingly. In creating a good photo collage, It is essential to choose a subject. You should also stay on point with the theme of the pictures. Themes could be fondest memories with family and friends, trips to different countries, pictures that show your office life, or nature.

A collage beautifully arranged on an accent wall is an avenue to show your class in interior decoration and design.

A Gallery Wall

There is no better way to create a focal point in your home than creating a gallery wall. A gallery wall is an organized display of framed prints, and photographs creatively arranged on a wall. 

Decorate your accent wall by integrating framed photographs, prints, and newspaper clippings. With a gallery wall, you can transform that empty wall space into an interior decoration masterpiece and watch it bring life and style into your living area. You can also create a gallery wall by mix and match the various styles of green plant paintings. 

Shapes And Layouts for creating a gallery wall

Choosing the best layouts and shapes for your artwork is a crucial step in home decoration. Choose from our list of layouts and shapes to match your current style of decoration.

  • For the traditional decorator: 1-Piece Canvas
  • For the trendsetting designer: 2-Piece Split Canvas
  • For the homeowner who loves modernism: 3 to 5-Piece Multi-Panel Canvas
  • For the eclectic décor aficionado: 7-Piece Hexagonal Canvas.

Do not Forget Green Wallpaper

Another way to add greenery in home is to invest in green wallpaper. You can cover the feature wall of your living room or bedroom with green colored wallpaper. In the market, there various types of green textured wall paper available that you can buy for your home. 


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