Did you know that the average American’s carbon footprint is 16 gallons while the global average is only four?

A common misconception is that we have to say goodbye to all of our modern luxuries to lead an eco-friendly life. The truth is that there are countless tiny changes we can make that can add up to a huge impact over time.

Would you enjoy learning how to create an eco-friendly home? Read on so you can take seven steps toward a greener future.

1. Buy Recycled or Biodegradable Products

When people use their money to buy products that are manufactured responsibly, this will increase the demand and force all companies to reduce their harm to the environment. This tip is especially important for maintaining an eco-friendly bathroom since products like toilet paper and toothbrushes produce lots of unnecessary waste.

2. Use a Smart Thermostat

If you want to know how to be eco-friendly, then the key is to become more aware of wasteful habits. When you install a smart thermostat, you can stop wasting money on heating or cooling a home that you’re not inside when you leave for work.

3. Stop Cleaning With Traditional Chemicals

A lesser-known trick to eco-friendly living is to say goodbye to harmful chemicals like bleach. Not only do these products pose a serious threat to your health, but they also poison our water. You can buy green cleaning supplies or make your own with ingredients like vinegar.

4. Rethink Your Laundry Habits

You can still get a deep clean when you wash your clothes with cold water and powdered detergent. This saves energy and you can avoid buying big plastic jugs. You should hang dry your clothes whenever possible as well.

5. Stop Buying Bottled Water

Another way you can adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle is to never buy bottled water again. Get into the habit of using a filter and carrying a reusable water bottle wherever you go.

6. Make the Switch to LED Lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs make rooms brighter while using less energy than traditional lightbulbs. If you have lots of windows in your home, you should open your curtains during the day so you don’t even need to turn on the lights.

7. Invest in Solar Power

Anyone who’s serious about having an eco-friendly house can’t underestimate the value of solar power. Instead of getting intimidated by the heft upfront fees, remind yourself that solar panels last for 25 years or more. After you pay them off within a few years, all that extra time will give you free energy.

Now You’re Ready to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

While there are tons of different ways you can create an eco-friendly home, these seven tips will set you on the right path in no time. Since these steps require little effort, you don’t have to suffer to go green.

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