How to Get the Most Out of Your CBD Vaping Experience


There are many different ways to consume and use CBD, such as capsules, tinctures, pre-rolls, and flower. Now, you can also vape it, just as you might with non-CBD vape fluids. However, since this method of CBD use is unfamiliar to many people, not everyone will know how to maximize their vaping experience. If you need assistance, consider some of the advice below.

Choose Suppliers You Can Trust

When trying anything new for the first time, you likely want to rely on the experts to help you learn the ropes. The same rule applies to CBD vape products. When you purchase the vape pens and e-liquids from businesses you can trust, you can also receive helpful information such as cake delta 8 charging instructions, tips for use, product recommendations, and more.

Trusted suppliers can also be relied upon to use safe ingredients and provide recommended dosages for new and seasoned vape users. You might not enjoy the same experience if you were to purchase your CBD vape supplies from someone less trusted in the industry.

Decide Your Preferred CBD Dosage

Everyone’s needs are different for a preferred CBD dosage. You might have a severe problem like sleep issues you believe CBD might help with, or you may need to account for your body chemistry and weight.

Use this information to guide you in choosing the most appropriate CBD dosage. Most CBD product stockists recommend starting on the lowest dose and increasing in 5mg intervals if required.

As a general guide, a low dosage for someone weighing between 80 and 150 pounds would be 12mg, while a high dosage would be 18mg. In the 151 to 240-pound weight range, a low dosage would be 18mg, while a high dosage would be 27mg.

Browse the Available CBD Vape Options

It may be surprising to learn that you can now vape CBD, but you may not realize that there is more than one product to choose from. Disposable CBD vape pens are among the most common. They require no maintenance and come with built-in coils and batteries. After around 250 to 300 puffs, depending on the size, you can dispose of them.

Many CBD users also like pod vapes and refillable CBD vape pens. Both of these require a small amount of maintenance but are reusable so that you don’t need to throw them away once the battery is flat or the tank is empty. CBD oil cartridges are also a popular option since you can connect them to a 510 battery.

Start Slow

No matter which product you use to consume CBD oil, it’s important to start slow. Start with small puffs of low dosage CBD and, after waiting 10 minutes to see how you feel, increase the dosage or puff size until you feel the desired effects. How you vape CBD can ultimately depend on which product you buy, but gradually increased use is a popular recommendation across the board.

Review Lab Tests

It’s only natural to be curious about what you’re putting into your body, so don’t be afraid to review lab tests before purchasing a particular CBD vape product. That way, you can be sure of each ingredient’s safety and enjoy peace of mind while you vape.

Most reputable stockists include lab reports on their website, which outline the maximum active THC and CBD levels per mL and per bottle. If you can’t find this information, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Most of the best CBD vape fluids on the market have base fluids of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, plus CBD extract. If you’ve chosen a particular flavor, that will also be included in the ingredient list.

Learn Why People Vape CBD

Since there are so many different ways to consume CBD, you might be curious why some people choose vaping. Many people find vaping relaxing, especially as it gives them a chance to step away from the fast pace of their day and find somewhere comfortable to sit to take a break and vape on their devices.

Many people also discuss this method for fast pain relief since inhaling CBD through your lungs may allow it to reach your bloodstream quicker than other methods. The compact size of most vape devices plus the wide variety of products may also be why some people prefer CBD vapes over other products.

There can be trial and error with any new CBD product people try, but it’s clear to see that CBD vape products can be a standout option for many people. Consider the helpful tips above if you’re trying to get the most out of your CBD vaping experience.


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