How To Organize Your Coffee Corner


For many people starting the day without a cup of coffee seems to be impossible. And going out of your house everytime you want to have a cup of coffee is not only inconvenient, but also it will cost you lots of money. 

In order to solve this problem, creating your own coffee corner at your home will be a great investment for you. By following this article you will learn how to organize your coffee corner easily and also what you will need in order to make it as efficient as possible. 

•           Choose the Perfect Place

If you already have a small empty corner in your kitchen or close, it might be a perfect spot for your coffee station. If not, you should make some small room where to place it. In order to make it as efficient as possible make sure that the space above it is empty. 

It is not mandatory to have the coffee corner inside your kitchen, but it might be a great help for you to be as close to it as possible. Having the coffee station close to your kitchen will help you clean and supply it with all the necessary ingredients.

•           Install the Cabinet and Shelvings

After you are done finding the right spot, you will have to find the cabinet and shelvings for your coffee station. You can craft them by yourself or you can also purchase them. You can also use a kitchen trolley if you have a small place. This way it will be easier to serve the coffee especially when you have guests.   

In order to make it more efficient you will need a quick access to your coffee beans, syrups and other ingredients. In order to not crowd the cabinet with every sort of ingredient you serve in your coffee, some shelvings might be great for placing them on. You can also place the sugar jar and the sweetener box on them along with the on the go cups. 

Another important aspect that you must have in mind before installing the shelvings is to place them at a perfect height for you. There is no point of placing your shelves that high that you can not reach what you need, because it will cause you lots of stress.  

•           Also Install a Mug Rack 

If you want to have a complete coffee station, you must integrate a mug rack in it. Easy to install and very useful, a mug rack will not only help you store the coffee mugs, but it will also offer it a better appearance. There are different types of mug racks on the market, so you can choose the one that is perfect for you. 

•           Stock it 

The next step that gets you closer to the ending point of your coffee corner project is the stocking part. This is a very important part, where you can use your imagination and of course your needs in order to make it very useful.

First thing you will need in order to make the coffee is the coffee maker and the coffee beans. You can place the coffee machine on the cabinet along with the coffee creamers and the spoons. In order to make it more enjoyable you can also place a bowl field with biscuits or cinnamon if you enjoy these. You will also need some napkins, so you can keep the station always clean.

Secondly, take advantage of the useful shelves that you had installed and place the coffee beans along with the coffee grinder and the other ingredients like the coffee syrups. This way everything will be organized. 

•           Personalize the Coffee Corner

After everything is set up, make it special for you by being creative and personalizing it. You can add some beautifully designed napkins that match with the coffee mugs. Also you can purchase some beautiful paintings or some Small framed quotes that you can enjoy reading every morning from now on. You can also decorate it by adding some small flowers in order to offer it a fresh look. So, be as creative as possible and make it a perfect sport for you to enjoy your coffee the most. 


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