Did you know that one in five American households has bed bugs? The pests are also in all fifty states so they’re hard to avoid. If you’ve noticed signs of bed bugs in your home, you may have already booked your pest control appointment.

So, how do you prepare your home for bed bug treatment? These simple tips will ensure your home is ready and that none of the pesky bugs can make their escape.

1. Bedroom

Before pest control arrives, be sure to strip all of your bedding and put it in a 120-degree wash to kill any lingering bugs. You can do the same with your curtains if you want to be thorough. It’s also important to take a look underneath your bed and remove any items so pest control can clear the space properly.

Remove your mattress from the bed and place it against the wall so the pest control company can treat your bedframe.

2. Walls and Floors

It’s important to remove all clutter from your floors so they can be cleaned thoroughly. As the treatment of bed bugs begins, there will be fewer places for the bugs to hide if the floors are decluttered. It will help to vacuum your home before pest control arrives and discard the contents of your vacuum.

Although it’s rare, some bed bugs can hide in picture frames or canvases on the wall. Check your walls for any signs of bed bugs and ask the company to treat the walls if necessary. Take a look at these early signs of bed bugs to know for sure.

3. Furniture and Closets

It can be a nuisance but it’s vital to check your furniture and closets for signs of bugs. For example, a great place for bugs to hide is in a bookcase. Remove all the books and treat the bookcase before putting them back. Similarly, it’s a good idea to check through the floor of your closet, your dresser drawers, and any shelving. 

4. Remove Pets

As your home is being treated for bed bugs, it could be unsafe for you and your pets to be there. The treatments used can be toxic for pets so you’ll need to leave 24 hours between the start of treatment and when you return home. It’s an ideal opportunity to take a break and stay away for the night.

5. Laundry

Whatever you can put in the laundry, do put in the laundry. Washing clothing, bedding, shoes, pet blankets, and more in a hot wash will ensure any bed bugs don’t come out alive. If you can put the laundry in your dryer for another hot spin, that extra peace of mind. Any items that can’t be washed can be treated at the same time as your home.

Bed Bug Treatment That Works

The only way to get bed bug treatment you can be sure works is to hire a professional pest control company. Although there are treatments you can do yourself, you don’t want to risk missing part of the infestation and it growing again.

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