In 2019, burglary was the second most common form of property crime.

Getting robbed is a scary and traumatic experience. But there are some things you can do to prevent a home break in.

While a home security system is a great idea, it’s not the end all be all of preventing burglary. There are also some inexpensive ways to better protect your home.

Want to know what those are? Keep reading for some tips on preventing break ins.

1. Prevent a Home Break in by Pretending You’re Home

Many burglaries occur during the day because thieves assume that nobody is home to catch them in the act. Using that logic, we can assume that if burglars believe someone is home, they’re less likely to break in.

That means that by leaving a light on or by turning on the radio, you can reduce the risk of a home break in. Outdoor lighting can also be great for this. If your house is lit up at night, there’s a greater chance that someone will see a burglar which reduces the chance that they’ll target your home.

2. Keep Locks Updated to Make a Break in More Difficult

All exterior doors on your home should be equipped with a deadbolt. A deadbolt makes picking the lock a lot more difficult.

You might also consider switching to smart locks. These are locks that are digitally tethered to smart devices, like your phone, so you can lock your doors while you’re not even home.

You should also change any passcodes on your electronic locks regularly. Don’t forget the lock on your garage door as well.

3. Securing Doors and Windows for Greater Home Security

Some of the best advice after a home break in is related to how burglars get in the house. Many times, a home break in doesn’t require forced entry because the security on doors and windows wasn’t tight. Burglars can often walk, climb, or crawl inside a home that doesn’t have secure windows and doors. 

First, you should always lock your windows and doors before leaving the house. After that, you can add extra security by installing a pin or nail to the frame of a window to stop it from opening on the outside. A dowel, steel bar, or two-by-four can be placed on the back groove of a sliding door for added security.

4. Install a Security System

Of course, a home security system is an excellent way to prevent a home break in. Monitored security systems ensure that your home is watched 24 hours a day and you’ll be alerted if anything should happen.

If an entire security system isn’t in your budget right now, consider placing a security system sign in your yard. Burglars tend to avoid these homes, according to the Office of Community Oriented Police Service.

More Home Improvement Tips and Advice

Preventing a home break in doesn’t always mean installing a security system. While that’s definitely an option, you can also prevent a break in by securing your doors and windows, upgrading your locks, and ensuring that it always looks like someone is home.

And for more home improvement advice, be sure to check out our blog regularly.

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