If you’re thinking of selling a home, now is the perfect time. The pandemic has turned the world of real estate into a hot seller’s market, especially in popular states like California.

A combination of low interest rates and low available inventory has created unprecedented demand for housing. In many parts of the country, half of the homes for sale are selling for more than their asking price!

Are you ready to get in on the action? Here’s how to sell a home in four easy steps.

1. Time It Right

The average time to sell a home in California is around 80 days. This includes an average of 35 days to receive an offer and 45 days for the closing process to complete the sale.

However, if you want to sell fast or get the best price (or both), you may have better luck at certain times of the year. Research shows that June is the best month to sell quickly (35 days), while January is the worst (64 days). Meanwhile, March brings in the highest average sale prices, while July’s sales tend to be the lowest.

2. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Have you been wondering, “Should I sell my house myself?” The answer is: Probably not.

Unless you have a lot of experience selling homes in the past, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable realtor. They can provide expert insight into staging and pricing your home, as well as expediting the paperwork and sale process.

3. Order a Seller’s Inspection

If you’re serious about selling your home fast, don’t wait for a potential buyer to come along and order a home inspection.

Get one yourself and you’ll be able to get a head-start on any hidden issues that you need to take care of before you sell. For example, if the inspection reveals faulty electrical wiring or a leaky basement, you can address those problems ASAP.

This step is especially important if you’ve already bought another home and moved out, which you can learn more about here.

4. Make Strategic Repairs & Improvements

It goes without saying that you need to do a thorough declutter and deep clean before you start showing your home. But did you know there are some minor upgrades you can make that will yield huge returns when you sell?

For example, a minor bathroom remodel will yield an average of 102% ROI during the resale. Professional landscaping, kitchen remodels, and a new garage door also returns over 90% of your investment.

If you don’t have the budget for remodeling, consider some low-cost ways to enhance curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint inside and outside and a row of flower boxes can do wonders for making a great first impression.

How to Sell a Home: Now You Know

The process of selling a home might seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. In today’s hot market, you shouldn’t have any trouble in your quest to sell a house — quickly!

Now that you know how to sell a home in California, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more informative articles like this one.

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