The contract stalls between Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans are worrying some fans out in Nashville.

Many are pondering the notion of a post-draft trade even contemplating a big package for him to end up in Philadelphia….Be at ease, he is staying in Nashville.

Whilst at the time of writing this article Marcus Mariota remains unsigned. Mariota has the same agent as former first-round quarterback Blake Bortles, another rookie who did not sign his rookie contract until mid-July.

There’s information circling that Mariota is worried about a clause in the contract which prohibits him from browsing during the offseason and throughout the summer.

Whilst this Provides the feeling of safety to the Titans firm knowing that their centerpiece Isn’t going to be subjected to an unnecessary risks, it may distract the player moving forward.

Hawaii is the home of surfing, invented by a Hawaiian king, Mariota is Hawaiian, the ocean is in his blood.

For some people, surfing is a necessary form of escapism, helping unload a burdened mind by catching a few sets.

With mental health being such a taboo subject in the NFL, is it a smart choice overall by the Titans to forbid their star from his personal form of mental relief?

Whilst surfing is a positive for Marcus Mariota mental stability, it is also a positive for his overall health. The links between surfing and back muscle rehabilitation is real and it also aids in the unwinding of knotted muscles.

According to Dr.C.Moates, a specialist in chiropractics, he stated that surfing is an important exercise when maintaining a balance between physical and respiratory well being.

He goes into detail about the flexion of muscular movements, especially that of the latissimus-dorsi muscle and how it improves individual mobility once out of the water.

A mobile quarterback, whose favorite past time improves mobility, it sounds like a win-win for the Titans organization. But, the concerns about him surfing are real.

Surfing superstar John-John Florence can attest to the dangers of the big blue. Even in a light swell, the dangerous of a shallow shore dump or an exposed reef are real.

When John-John was doing some airs in a small swell at Rio in Brazil, he got knocked off his board and subsequently had the boards leash wrap around his ankle, rupturing two tendons and taking him out of action for almost eight months.

The concern for Mariota is justifiable. But, when you have NFL players such as Drew Brees who surf when not suited-up, you can never really hold your players back.

If Mariota is unable to surf, will it lead him to off-field indiscretions? His history as a player and as a human are exemplary, but, he has never really been told he is not allowed to do what he would say, he needs to do sometimes.

For some people, art, video games, movies, exercise or even cooking are a form of escapism. These hobbies, or lifestyle choices can help people fight depression, mental health issues and yes, they can even keep people out of trouble as they don’t need to find something to ‘fill-in’ time.

If your star player is in a position that is a highly mental position, then having a clean bill of health in that department can only lead to positive returns on the investment.

So, as the contract stands, only one party has everything to gain, and that’s the Titans. If the Titans do allow Marcus Mariota to surf, then both parties still win, just one of the winning parties has a bit more risk on one of their highly prized commodities.

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