If you’ve ever had to get a part for your vehicle and couldn’t remember the year, make and model, you know how frustrating it can be. You buy the part you think you need and then have to return it because it doesn’t fit. It is even worse if you purchase your auto parts online and have to send them back because they aren’t the right ones. However, here is an easy fix.

AutoZone’s Free Vehicle VIN Lookup

Using your vehicle identification number or VIN will ensure you match the right parts with your vehicle. If you are unfamiliar with VINs, here is helpful information.

What Is the VIN?

The VIN identifies your vehicle and distinguishes it from every other automobile as no two vehicles have the same VIN. Think of it as the vehicle’s fingerprints. The VIN is a standard the automobile industry uses, and every vehicle receives a VIN when it is manufactured. It tells where the car was made, including the country, the engine’s size, and the vehicle’s make and model, among other things. VINs have been used since 1954. Beginning in 1981, the VINs were required to be 17 characters, consisting of numbers and letters. Before that year, they were shorter.

Where Is the VIN Located?

If you need help finding the VIN, search for “AutoZone near me” and find a location to assist you. Otherwise, you can locate the VIN yourself. In addition to the VIN being on your insurance card and title, it is also found on your vehicle.

One place to check is the front of your driver’s side dashboard. The easiest way to see it is through the windshield. The number is at the intersection of the dashboard and windshield.

If you cannot see it there or find that your vehicle does not have the VIN in that spot, try the driver’s side door. Open your vehicle door and check the inside edge. The VIN should be located near the door latch.

What Is the Importance of the VIN?

With a VIN, you can find out multiple things about your vehicle. It provides the truth about your automobile, regardless of what you might have heard from a previous owner or a dealership. Here are a few things a VIN can tell you.

  • Who has owned your vehicle?
  • Has your vehicle been in any accidents?
  • What are your car’s history and safety features?

You can also use the VIN to identify which parts fit your vehicle and the service that it needs.

Easily Find the Parts You Need

Enter your VIN into a VIN decoder to locate the correct parts for your vehicle. This will enable you to easily purchase in-store or online parts that will fit your automobile. The decoder will pull up the specifications for your vehicle and match that information with the appropriate parts.

Save time and frustration by using your VIN to determine the parts that fit your vehicle. Then, head to your favorite auto parts store to purchase.

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