In the United States, the average lot is over 8,000sq ft. while the average home is around 2,000sq ft.

This means that almost every house comes with a yard, and those yards will need cleaning. While you prepare for the spring, consider these spring cleaning safety tips. Thousands of homeowners are injured every year due to preventable accidents while cleaning up their yards.

Here are a few tips that you can use during your cleaning:

1. Wear Shoes

A lot of accidents happen when outdoor cleaning is underway. As comfortable as flip-flops are, they don’t offer any protection against cuts, scrapes, or nature. At least wear full shoes, but if you have work boots that are comfortable, consider wearing them for added protection.

Protecting your feet and toes will keep you from missing work or having expensive medical bills. Consider this one of the major spring cleaning safety tips.

2. Stretch Out

If you are going to engage in any strenuous, physical activity you should stretch beforehand. This increases blood flow into the muscles and makes them less prone to injury. The last thing you need is to tear or strain a muscle when you’re outside cleaning.

3. Sunscreen

Being outside, even when doing work, can be fun. It also puts you at a higher risk of sunburn, which is why sunscreen should always be available. Don’t increase your risk of skin cancer because you want to do some outdoor spring cleaning.

4. Gloves That Fit

Gloves are a great tool for outside cleaning, they keep the hands clean and help protect against cuts, blisters, and other minor injuries. If you use gloves that don’t fit your grip can be compromised. Handling saws and shop objects make gloves a key point of spring cleaning safety.

5. Wear Protection Equipment

A lot of the tools that help us clean are also loud and can be dangerous. To protect against ear damage, wear earplugs or sound canceling headphones. If you’re operating loud equipment, the chances are there could be flying debris as well.

Flying debris can be caused by lawnmowers, saws, and other regular garden tools. If you wear eye protection this reduces the chance that something will fly into your eye and cause injury.

6. Keep Your Eyes Open

Always be on the lookout for potential dangers. These can range from simple things like wet areas to places where vines and other growth could trip you. Remember that there are hazards all around when you are cleaning.

If you want to fill in some of the gaps in your yard that could be slick, or have other obstructions you could consider getting a garden statue to fill the spot.

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Always be aware of your surroundings and operate equipment in a safe manner. As long as you are careful and wear the correct protection you can have fun and get your yard clean and ready to go for summer.

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