Many women enjoy having a mommy-makeover after giving birth to their last child. Pregnancy may have caused the woman to feel saggy and unattractive.

The mommy-makeover can reverse lax skin in the abdominal area, reduce fatty deposits, and lift and volumize breasts. In short, a mommy-makeover can make a woman look and feel like she did before pregnancy.

The surgical procedures to achieve this look include a breast lift and/or augmentation, a tummy tuck, and sometimes liposuction – all performed under general anesthesia. The surgery usually takes about 4 hours. Care following the surgery is important to ensure a great outcome.

Care After a Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck procedure is performed through an incision in the bikini line area. This allows any scarring to be hidden with minimal clothing.

If the patient has a moderate amount of loose skin above and below the abdomen, a full tuck will be performed. However, if there is minimal loose skin below the belly button, a mini-tuck can be performed.

The surgeon will decide which procedure will give the best results for the individual.

After the surgery, patients can expect difficulty getting to a straight or standing position. This is normal as the body adjusts.

Numbness may occur for the first two weeks post surgery. There will be bruising and swelling in the abdominal area. However, any discomfort can be handled with pain medications prescribed by the surgeon. It is strongly recommended that patients walk every day, beginning with the first day after surgery.

This will encourage blood flow, prevent blood clots, and help with swelling. The patient will be fitted with an abdominal binder. This support garment must be worn for three weeks.

After approximately two weeks, patients can return to work and normal activities.

Care After Breast Augmentation

The breasts change rapidly during pregnancy. After birth, they may lose volume and droop. A breast augmentation can restore volume and symmetry to sagging breasts.

During surgery, a small incision will be made on the areola, under the armpit, or beneath the breast. An implant of saline or silicone will be placed beneath or above the pectoral muscle. Sometimes a transfer of fat will be used to balance the breast symmetry.

After surgery the breasts will be bruised and swollen. There will be some pain, however the surgeon will prescribe medications to lessen the severity of the pain.

Immediately after surgery the breasts will be bound in gauze and an elastic band. This will prevent the breasts from moving, minimize swelling, and protect the new implants. After these are removed, a support bra must be worn at all times until the healing is fully complete.

During the healing phase, no workouts or intense physical activity are allowed. During the recovery, patients will be provided with very specific instructions for the care of the new breasts. These may include gentle massage of the breasts, a specific sleep position, incision site cleaning instructions and more.

These instructions must be followed to ensure a positive outcome. After several weeks, the surgeon will allow a patient to resume normal activities and exercise, however it may be several months before the actual results of the augmentation can be fully appreciated.

Care After Liposuction

During liposuction, targeted areas of fat are removed via a suctioning tube placed into the area through tiny incisions. Sound vibrations help to break up the fat for ease of removal.

In some liposuction techniques, the vibrations are also used to tighten the remaining skin for a smooth appearance after the procedure. The most common areas for liposuction are the ‘love handles’, the arms, back, and buttocks. This procedure can also be used for other areas where pockets of fat are stored.

After surgery, patients will be required to wear compression garments. This is to allow the new contours to take shape. The garments also reduce swelling.

Patients will wear them continuously for the first two weeks. Pain from the procedure will peak after two or three days. The surgeon will prescribe oral pain medications to control this.

After two to four weeks the pain should be completely gone. Patients can return to work after a few days. Normal activities can be resumed 10-14 days following surgery. The tiny incisions will leave nearly invisible scars.

No Pain No Gain

While the recovery time, pain, and uncomfortable support garments may seem to be a hassle, the results of a mommy makeover will be worth it. Elongated, saggy breasts will be replaced by full, symmetrical, high breasts. The tummy area that had an ‘apron’ of hanging fat will now be smooth, taut, and flat.

Love handles on the waist area, cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, and flabby areas on the tummy will be contoured and smooth after the liposuction.

However, the very best part will be the restored confidence. A woman can enjoy a beautiful body image after having children. The confidence will allow her to wear those skinny jeans or that bikini at the beach.

A lot of women lose confidence in the bedroom after having children. The surgery can restore that confidence. The ability to wear pretty bras, sexy lingerie, and even nothing at all, can all be achieved after a mom makeover. Many women feel empowered. Some women feel better than they did before having children.

Most surgeries do include pain and healing time. However, the results far outweigh the bad in this case. It all starts with a consultation. After deciding on the appropriate surgeries, the approximate healing and recovery times, and the costs, the transformation can begin. No woman has to be satisfied in a post-pregnancy body that does not inspire her confidence or bring her joy.

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