Plus One Wedding Etiquette


Weddings are one of life’s most memorable events, especially for couples who choose to tie the knot in the presence of close family members, friends, and well-wishers.

Everyone has big expectations from the day and meticulously plans it to make it a pleasant experience for themselves and their guests.

It takes a lot of effort on the part of the hosts to prepare the guest’s invite list and carefully consider all of the factors, such as the relationship with the invitee, the wedding budget, the number of invitees, and so on, to ensure that they can enjoy the D-day with their loved ones without incident.

Once you get an invite and decide to attend it with a plus one, as an invitee, you are obliged to create long-lasting memories for the wedding couple.

Let us share the list of etiquette to save you and your host from any discomfort and embarrassment while attending the wedding of your near and dear ones.

Read The Invite With Precision 

Your host may have planned a destination wedding on one of the best Antarctica cruises, on a Caribbean beach, or in a simple setting near their hometown.

The first rule is to thoroughly read and follow the invitation before you think of attending with a plus one, whether it is for you and you alone or if you are allowed to bring a plus one, who could be your spouse, family member, or a friend.

You may be single, married, or engaged; take the wordings of the wedding invite very seriously instead of assuming and making the decision.

In the absence of any mention of an extended invitation, it is highly recommended not to accompany anyone along. Also, do not hesitate to ask your inviter for clarity in case of any confusion.

Do Not Question Your Host

You must be sensitive and keep in mind that weddings are a very personal event, and the bride and groom have the discretion to invite whomever they choose on this precious day.

If they haven’t asked for it, don’t insist on having a plus-one, and respect their decision. If you are unwilling to go to the wedding by yourself, you may always ask common friends and family members who have received the same invitation to join you.

Sharing the Gift expense

Your plus-one guests may not be familiar with the wedding couple and vide-versa, so avoid asking them to share the cost of the gift until and unless they are comfortable contributing to it.

In the millennial era, the inviter openly requests the guests in the invite the list of gifts they need to start a new life as a household couple. Therefore, if you happen to receive an invitation of this nature, inform the guest about the gift you will be giving.

Introduce Your Guest

It is a general courtesy always to introduce your plus-one guest to the wedding couple and allow them to greet each other while sharing pleasantries.


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