Your Ultimate Guide To Choosing Premier Protein Powder


Are you looking for Premier Protein Powder ever? Ask five different bodybuilders or serious workout members of your local gym their opinion on protein powder and you are likely to five very different answers, perhaps even more.

Some you might not understand while some may even advise you protein powder is not even necessary. It is no wonder there is so much confusion for the average gym goer as to whether to use protein powder and if so, which one, when and how much.

Taking a protein supplement is not essential for everyone but for most people, especially those not getting sufficient protein in their diets and those with a regular, intense workout schedule, it can be of great benefit.

In order to help you understand the benefits of healthiest protein powders and which the difference between the different types available, we have done some research and spoken to health and nutritional experts to give you a better idea of what is the best option for your particular needs.

Protein forms the foundation or building block of every cell in your body. It is therefore essential for good physical as well as mental health that you consume sufficient protein on a daily basis to meet your body’s requirements.

Some people are able to achieve the required daily amount of protein through diet alone.

There are however a number of circumstances that would make supplementing with additional protein beneficial.There is no one size fits all answer to protein requirements as it depends on a wide range of factors and can differ from person to person.

While protein is essential, we often do not need as much as many people believe and under many circumstances, it is possible to get enough healthy protein from diet alone.

The recommended dietary intake or RDI for the average adult male is 0.84 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The average adult female requirement is 0.75 grams per kilogram. Those are the requirements for a typical, average adult.

It does not factor in the additional protein required for people that workout. The type of exercise that you do, the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts will have a major impact on your protein RDI.

An average person needs protein in order to be healthy and function, those that workout will require significantly more protein for maximum health and benefit.

People with a higher muscle mass as a result of training require more protein than others. Also, the more often you train and the intensity of the workout will also result in an increased need for protein.

The type of training also has an impact and resistance training will result in a higher daily protein requirement. The protein is required in order for the muscles to repair and recover as well as to improve and develop.

Many of the foods we eat contain a fair amount of protein, however, the much of what we eat these days is highly processed and lacks sufficient protein or provides protein of a poor quality.

It is becoming increasing difficult to accurately measure how much protein we consume. Some foods we consume these days is processed without us even being aware of it.

When To Take Premier Protein Powder:

Protein supplements are recommended under the following circumstances:

  • People beginning a bodybuilding program
  • When the length or duration of a workout increases
  • If recovering from a procedure or injury
  • To improve speed of muscle recovery after training
  • When attempting to increase mass/gain weight
  • Developing adolescents doing weight training
  • People that miss or skips meals
  • Adopting a vegan diet
  • For elderly people

Apart from a diet that is high in processed foods, our hectic modern lifestyle often means we miss meals altogether, particularly breakfast. A protein shake or smoothie with protein powder if a very good substitute.

People that follow a particular diet/food lifestyle such as vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians, especially those that are just starting out in such diets will benefit from protein supplementing.

Although there are a number of foods such as nuts, legumes and tofu that can provide a good amount of protein, you really have to know what you are doing to ensure an adequate intake of protein, especially if you train.

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Types Of Healthy Premier Protein Powder:

There are a number of different varieties of good premier protein powder that are available. It is important to understand the difference between them in order to determine what will be the most suitable for your requirements.

Lets us take a look at the main types of premier protein powders available on the market.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most popular forms of natural & low carb protein powder available. It is absorbed very quickly, making it ideal for a post- workout supplement to speed up muscle recovery and development.
It is a dairy based, complete protein with a good balance amino acids.
It is a by-product of the production of cheese. Whey protein comes in a variety of flavors.

Casein Protein

Also dairy based, casein protein powder is a secondary type of protein. While it is similar to whey protein it has a much slower release time as the body takes longer to digest it. It is therefore not the best supplement to take post-workout but is still a great source of protein for meal replacement, an evening drink or to simply increase your daily protein intake.

Soy Protein

Soy protein, as with other plant based proteins are alternatives for people that are lactose intolerant or vegetarians and vegans. Plant based proteins are not complete proteins but soy protein does still offer a good amount of amino acids and has the added advantage of being either fat-free or very low in fat.

Rice Protein

Rice protein is also not a complete protein and has less amino acids than soy protein.
The advantage is that contains fibre and nutrients, vitamin B and complex carbohydrates. It is also hypoallergenic.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is also is hypoallergenic and contains little to no artificial ingredients and additives. It is the best plant based protein in terms of amino acid content.

Hemp Protein

Although still not permitted in certain areas, hemp protein powder has seen a growth in popularity over the past few years. The protein is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant. It is totally hypoallergenic and a great source of minerals, B vitamins, vitamin D3.

While most protein shakes come in a range of flavours and are really tasty you can always experiment and add in additional fresh fruit such as bananas or berries or yogurt. This can improve the taste or provide a bit if variety if they become a bit mundane.

Tips To Remember When Selecting A Top Premier Protein Powder Supplements :

 Here are a few things you should bear in mind when deciding on what protein powder will be the most suitable for your requirements.

1. Be Aware of Your Training Goals as well as Your Specific Dietary Requirements

Everyone has a unique dietary requirement and this will play a large role in what protein supplement is most suitable for you. You also need to be aware of and understand the goal that you wish to achieve from training.

This will certainly impact your choice of pure premier protein powder. Obviously any intolerance or allergies you suffer from as well as any dietary requirements will also be a factor in deciding on the most suitable protein supplement.

If you do not have any into lerances or allergies, a multidimensional protein supplement is generally the best choice.

A quality multidimensional premier protein powder supplement has a combination of both slow as well as fast digesting proteins. The benefit of that is that it will maintain a stable blood sugar level which will increase the bodies absorption of nutrients, lessen the storage of fat and also help to prevent you from binge eating.

Wherever possible, always look to your diet as your primary source of protein.The supplements are exactly that, a supplement when you are getting insufficient premier protein powder from your diet.

2. Do Your Homework On The Product as well as The Brand

It is important that you understand exactly what you are taking and the difference between the various protein powder brands that are available. Do not be taken in by marketing and advertising, do some research to ensure that the claims are correct and the product you select has the correct nutritional information.

Nutritional supplements are a very big business and it is very easy to exaggerate claims and promise results that are clearly unrealistic. Look past the hype they generate and do your own independent research to ensure you are buying what you think you are.

While it is often true that you get what you pay for, some companies spend a massive amount on marketing and creating hype and then set their prices higher. Many people assume that means that it is a superior product but you will often find that it has the same ingredients as a much cheaper product.

3. Go For Quality Rather Than Quantity

There is no point spending good money on an inferior product and hoping to attain your training goals. The quality of the supplement you take is far more important than the quantity. This is the reason it is so important to do your own research, compare the ingredients across the various brands and make sure you know what you are getting.

Study the label carefully and understand what the different ingredients are. Try to avoid brands with too many ingredients that are of nutritional values and rather opt for a brand that is more natural. Be wary of brands with more than 8 ingredients but make sure you understand what they are before jumping to conclusions.

Some people say that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients then they probably are not good for you. While this is sometimes true, a bit of research will give you all the answers you need.

Price is a tricky one. While many of the cheaper brands are inferior, this is not always the case. Again, it is important to do you own research and come to your own conclusions. The most expensive brands are not always the best as much as the less expensive ones are not necessarily of poor quality.

Ingredients To Avoid In Organic Premier Protein Powders

Once again, we are all unique individuals with different requirements and our bodies react in different ways to certain ingredients.

Quite obviously, if you are aware of an intolerance or allergy for specific ingredients, ensure that you avoid them completely. There are a number of ingredients that might not necessarily have a direct reaction on you but are still best avoided. These include:

•             Artificial Sweeteners

Some of the more popular artificial sweeteners that supplement manufactures make use of are saccharin, xylitol, aspartamine, equal, NutraSweet sucralose and Splenda.

•             Dextrins/Maltodextrin

Milk solids or skim milk powders. These are often used as an inexpensive method to bulk up a poor quality protein powders. Generally, they contain a lot of lactose. This can result in constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and gastrointestinal distress if you are sensitive to this sugar.

•             Vegetable Oils and Fats

These, believe it or not, are often used in lean or fat loss vegetable protein supplements in order to make them richer and improve the taste. Many times these fats contain trans fats as the come from hydrogenated sources.

•             Gums and Thickening Agents

Xanthan gum is a common example in some powders and can lead to stomach issues.

•             Fillers or Bulking Agents

These are used to increase the volume of the premier protein powder and offer not nutritional value whatsoever. Coconut flour and psyllium are just two examples of this. Also ensure you consume sufficient water and ensure you are well hydrated.


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