Rakshabandhan Gifts For Your Sister


Rakshabandhan is a festival that symbolizes the love between the siblings. This is the most awaited festival celebrated in India, Nepal, and Mauritius mainly.

On this day, the sister ties the sacred knot or the rakhi on her brother’s wrist to seek protection from him from all the evils. In return, the brother gives a present to his sister as a tradition.

It is not that only the sister ties the rakhi to her brother but you can tie this sacred thread to anyone who protects you and cares for you. This festival is held on the full moon day in the month of August or Shravan month as per the Hindu calendar.

Apart from the rituals of tying rakhis and giving gifts, Rakshabandhan also marks the family and social gatherings, with traditional and delicious food and desserts, new traditional dresses, and so on. For buying rakhis for your brother, you can buy rakhi online  from Blooms Villa.

Gifts and sweets are an integral part of all Indian festivals. On Rakshabandhan, it is a ritual that the brother gives a present to his sister in return of the rakhi tied by her.

Sisters are always excited for the surprise of their brothers on Rakshabandhan. The relation between the brothers and sisters is a unique one.

It involves love, affection, hugs, and at the same time, small fights, quarrels, scuffles, scoldings, and so on. But, there is no relation sweeter than that of a brother and a sister.

So, choosing gifts for your lovely sister is very confusing at times. So, you can try to gift something new to your dearest sweet sister. Here are some of the most loved and unique gifts for your sister.

1. Watch

Girls love to have an interesting collection of watches. They not only use them for the purpose of seeing the time but also to boast the watch to their friends and colleagues.

Girls usually love bright and vibrant colors for watches. So, choose according to your sister’s favorite color. Black and White watches are also among the girls’ favorite watches.

2. Chocolates

This is the best gift ever. Girls love chocolate gifts. Chocolates also help in reducing stress. Moreover, festivals are also incomplete without the sweetness of chocolates.

You can gift chocolates such as Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher, Temptations, Bourneville, Milk Chocolate, and so on to your dearest sister.

3. Perfume

Girls love such types of gifts. It is both an awesome as well as a useful gift, but only if they are attracted by the fragrance. So, you need to choose accordingly. You can gift her favorite perfume brands.

4. Mobile Phone

If your sister is yearning for a new mobile phone, then Rakshabandhan is the best occasion to gift her a brand new Smartphone. She will be really delighted to receive such a wonderful gift from her brother.

5. Flowers

A beautiful bunch of flowers is sure to impress your sister and make her day a more memorable one.

If your sister is in Bangalore and you are unable to meet her on Rakshabandhan, then you don’t have to worry when you can send flowers to Mumbai & Online cake delivery in Bangalore via Blooms Villa.

We deliver the best flower bouquets with personalized greeting cards at very reasonable rates instantly anywhere in India with free shipping facility.

6. Photo Frame

Gift your sister a splendid Photo Frame with the inside which there is a collage having pictures of both of you.

This is a pretty and unique gift that you can give to anyone. Besides that, these gifts are trending these days. You can choose the frame and the beautiful pictures for your sister. Moreover, it will not cost you very much.

7. Book

Books are a person’s best friends. Gift an inspiring novel to your sister on Rakshabandhan.

It will help her grow as a successful and responsible person. You can even gift her an autobiography of a successful person. It will be beneficial for her.

You can gift her a personal diary where she can write anything that she feels and mention her experiences in that.

8. Makeup Kit

Every girl loves to get this as a gift from her brother. It is cheap, useful and thus, it can be the best gift for your sister. She is going to be the happiest on receiving such a magnificent present.

9. Dress, Footwear, or Accessories

Just like the Makeup Kit, new Dresses and Footwear also impress girls. Maybe she is longing for this. So, she will be really happy on receiving this wonderful gift from her brother.

10. Voucher

The most common and very reasonable gift to give to your sister. You can gift her a Discount Coupon or a Voucher for shopping or for a salon. You can even gift her a movie ticket if she is really fond of watching new movies.

These were some of the gift suggestions that you can give to your sister on Rakshabandhan. For buying rakhi for sister, you can just order from Blooms Villa.

Happy Rakshabandhan!


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