When its blistering hot outside and all you need is some nice cool air blowing on your face, making you feel alive, there is nothing better than having your very own air conditioner at home.

But what if you press the button and nothing happens, disaster strikes and you’re confused as to what could have happened. It worked well last year when it was just as hot during the summer.

There could be many different reasons for this, sometimes it may be something as simple as a switch that needs to be flipped, other times it maybe something a bit more complicated.

Florida, of all the places, can get very hot during the summer months with minimum temperatures ranging up to 80 degrees and more, see here, and a working system is a necessity, not a luxury anymore.

Having looked at the external workings and not finding any fault with the structural pieces. Instead of looking at it yourself on the inside, it is always best that with appliances such as this, to call someone who works in the industry and has the perfect knowledge for it.

This article shines a light on some of the common issues that these units can face which, when you call an expert, can easily and in no time, help you with it, so your back with having cool air in the home.

Reasons For An Air Conditioner Needing Repairs

Problem with the Sensor.

Did you know that one of the common issues that some types of ACs have is with their sensors? Something as simple as this can wreak havoc is not checked and repaired early.  Sometimes it can be pout of place, i.e. not in the right position anymore. This results in it being unable to measure the air that is going inside the evaporator coils and measuring the temperature.

A sensor that is not placed correctly could result in wrong temperature readings and as such won’t work well. This will need to be checked by a repair person who can place it in the right position for you.

A Leak in the Refrigerator.

Refrigerant, which is the liquid or substance that is responsible for cooling the air, sometimes may not be enough due to a leak in the system. This can be very environmentally damaging and needs to be fixed immediately before it gets worse. If there are not enough the experts will need to add more, but first, fix the leak, and then they can charge the unit https://home.howstuffworks.com/ac1.htm

In this case, the specifications of the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed as too much and too little can cause other issues too.

An Issue with The Outside Fan.

 This is something that can easily be missed. People tend to think that the only fault can be with the unit on the inside, however, sometimes the outdoor fans may be the cause of it not working.

If you are checking it, and you stand next to it on the outside, you should listen carefully for any type of unusual noises coming from it. It may be running but it is not supposed to make any weird noises.

When looking for cool air, this part is crucial, because it is the fan that creates the exchange of air between the inside and the outside atmosphere, removing any germ-ridden air on the inside and replacing it with clean fresh, and cool air.

If this cannot happen you may be breathing dirty, germ-infested air, which in turn cannot be good for your respiratory health, and unknowingly you may start to get sick. This too will need immediate fixing. Information about Hy-Pro Plumbing & Drain Cleaning for you.

Inconsistency in Indoor Temperatures.

 Air cons are meant to keep your home cool during hot summers and warm during cold winters.

This is the main reason why people invest in them. It provides a sense of comfort, especially now during the current worldwide pandemic, a lot of people are working from their home offices and need that extra motivation of staying cool when it is too hot to work and you feel lazy or lethargic.

A perfectly running one can make the biggest difference in the productivity levels of those working.

But when the temperatures do not feel cooler or warmer when they need to, it could mean one thing – the AC is not working optimally and will need to be checked. Sometimes it could be a dirty filter blocking the cool air from getting inside, in which case you can either exchange it yourself, if you know how to or call someone to do it for you, who knows they may be able to clean it out for you and find any other issues early on, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Higher Than Normal Energy Bills.

Sometimes you may catch the issue with the air conditioner later in the year when your electricity bill arrives and it is unusually higher than normal. This could be a result of the inefficiency of the unit. Sometimes it may make sense, especially in a case where you may have had an influx of guests staying at your house or it was particularly hotter this summer than the last one.

However, if you’ve checked every possible reason for the spike and nothing makes sense, then the only other conclusion could be a fault with the AC. It could be many reasons, a broken filter, a fan running excessively, water damage, a leak to name a few. Only those who work with these will know so calling the Direct Cooling AC Repair experts immediately will help resolve the issues that sometimes aren’t that obvious.

These few reasons above may just be your solution to this precious investment not working. Get it checked out as soon as possible.

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