When it comes to science, it’s a well-known fact that humans are the most preoccupied with sex. We’re at the top spot, and at the close second place, we have our close DNA relatives, the bonobos. It all makes sense.

Humans have larger penises relative to their body size, fuller lips, and there are pubic hair areas that make it easy for us to be gazing at all of the right places. But that can go even a bit deeper. A lot of men focus their sexual fixation on a particular body part when it comes to females. Click here to read more.

That could either be the breasts, butt, or the legs as a whole. When it comes to what guys are looking for in a woman is symmetry. Studies have proved again and again that a symmetrical face is more beautiful, and the same thing is true about body shapes.

Size isn’t that important in the long term. Numerous studies that range all the way back to 1995 show that men prefer women with symmetrical breasts and butts because that has a direct correlation to increased fertility. Plus, it shows the men that they’re fit and healthy.

This means that subconsciously, men are thinking about passing down their own genes with someone else who is healthy. This is the best way to preserve DNA as far as possible into the future. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your children are attractive. 

Why butts?

Science can’t keep up with the things that are happening in men’s brains. One of the earliest theories, why they love behinds so much, is because the attractiveness of a curved behind reminds us of a moment in our evolutionary past. Follow this link for more info https://www.elitedaily.com/news/why-are-big-butts-attractive.

This was when we didn’t have face-to-face intercourse, and everything was done doggy style. Since our distant grandfathers were looking for big and symmetrical buts, modern men have the same tendency to have the same viewpoint.

Additionally, having a larger waist means that a woman is more fertile and will experience fewer complications during childbirth. That’s especially true about females with a waist to hip ratio of 70 percent. This means that the butt is 30 percent bigger than the waist.

That’s the reason why the hourglass body shape is thought of as the universal sign of fertility and appeal. There’s also the case of liking what society tells us to like. When you open social media, the most popular posts are the ones with half-naked women with their butts curved. When you see thousands of those kinds of images, that can influence your sexual desires too. 

Watching Live Cams

A lot of people don’t have the privilege of the perfect butt near them. That’s why the internet is the best place to turn to. Live cams are the best option for when you have a craving, and you want to see everything happening in front of you.

Everyone has urges, and masturbation is the easiest way to let off steam. Watching a big booty live is one of the best things to do. Additionally, men need to ejaculate at least five times per week in order to keep their prostates healthy. So, you can think of watching online porn as beneficial.

There’s also the effect of post-nut clarity, which so many males are familiar with. Before making an important decision in your life, you need to rub one out. If you still feel the same way about the decision, then it’s the right one to make. However, if your opinion changes, then you weren’t thinking rationally before. 

Everything In One Place

There are so many options when you’re browsing online, and it’s up to you to pick the best one. When it comes to a quickie, the easiest solution is to look for someone who has a fantastic body. However, some people prefer to look at a pretty face while they’re doing it.

When it comes to sexual attraction, legs and a great butt are the predominant choices for 60 percent of all men. Adding heels to the picture increases the percentage even more. Looking for the complete package is easy when everything is just a click away. Exploring your sexuality has never been easier than it is now.

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