Did you know that over $13 billion worth of products are stolen from retail stores every year? This number doesn’t have to scare you—not if you have the proper retail security and loss prevention efforts in place. If you’re looking for how to reinforce proper safety and security in your retail store, check out these retail security tips and put them to good use. 

Increase Security Around the Holidays 

Holidays mean more customers, which, unfortunately, means more potential for theft. Thefts on popular shopping days like Black Friday are when store owners see a spike of around 2% in thefts. When sales happen in person, overcrowding and the hectic energy gives plenty of opportunities for people to steal and go unnoticed. 

Have an Up-to-Date Security System and Technology 

It’s not enough to have vigilant employees or even a loss prevention unit. You need an up-to-date security system. Many cameras can connect wirelessly to smartphones and/or computers to be monitored remotely.

If you notice suspicious activity or need to file a claim, you may be required to submit evidence to prove a theft occurred. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, some cameras have zoom, audio, night visions, smart motion detectors, and cloud storage. Surveillance cameras, even if they can’t pan across your whole store or cover every inch of the floor, still deter people from committing crimes.

Tagging is another effective way to protect merchandise using RFID technology.  For instance, retail clothing and apparel outlets can significantly reduce shrinkage using security clothing tags.  Liquor stores can also protect their high-end wine and spirits with security bottle caps.

Other security measures, other than cameras, include door chimes, Door chimes alert employees when someone enters or exits the store; it’s a simple way to make sure someone is able to monitor the floor when customers are present. Choosing the best door chime is easy with Reliable Charms. 

Optimize the Layout of Your Store 

Having a high-tech security system is one thing, but if your store’s layout obstructs the view of cameras or employees, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Avoid over-the-top displays or arrangements that allow customers to shop undetected. If a person is looking to lift something from a store, they can tell by the placement of the cameras where a “blind spot” might be. 

Part of revising your store layout could be adding mirrors, keeping shelves under a certain height, and keeping your products organized. High end or valuable items should be within sight of employees or kept under lock and key. This not only protects your items, but it also deters customers from shoplifting. 

Train Employees in Loss Prevention 

Loss prevention is an important part of customer service training. Training employees to interact with all the customers who enter your store, even with a simple greeting at the door, is enough to make a potential shoplifter too uncomfortable to proceed. Let employees know how to interact with these customers.

If a person is acting “suspicious,” have an employee walk up to them and ask a simple question. Asking “Can I help you find anything?” or “Would you like me to get you a basket to carry your items?” can be enough. 

Hang Signs Letting Shoppers Know You Have a Security System 

People are less likely to misbehave when they know they are being watched. Advertise your store’s security system and consider adding decoy cameras. A sign in your window stating shoplifters will be prosecuted is a great anti-theft technique. 

Top Retail Security Measures

Know you know the best ways to prevent theft and improve your retail security. Make sure your employees are trained in the proper ways to handle potential shoplifters and have a good security system installed. Optimizing the layout of your store and advertising your safety measures is enough to deter potential lifted goods.

If you have more thoughts on how to improve retail security, let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out the rest of our site for more content like this. 

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