Should You DIY or Hire a Landscape Service Contractor? A Guide


When you consider that most consumers’ biggest investments are their homes, you can appreciate the importance of upkeep and maintenance.

Landscaping is one way you can increase curb appeal and make your property more aesthetically pleasing. But that begs the question — should you do it yourself or hire a landscape service contractor?

What follows are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you should DIY or hire a landscape professional to do the work for you.

Do You Have the Time?

Landscaping is hard work. So, consider if you have the time for gardening, planting shrubs, treating soil, paving walkways, and doing other things. 

Figure out how much time the project will take — and then factor in some additional time since chances are that different issues will come up. Hire a landscape contractor if time is an issue.

Do You Have the Experience?

Depending on what landscaping elements you want, the project can end up costing a tidy sum. But if you make mistakes during a DIY project, the project will take longer and the costs can climb astronomically.

If you hire a professional service provider, they’ll work with you to create the perfect outdoor space on your property.

Do You Know What Will Work?

When working with a landscape design company, you’ll benefit from their expertise.

If you have some ideas and desire feedback, the workers will provide suggestions and recommendations. They’ll inform you if what you’re looking for is doable — or if it’s advisable — for your property.

What Skill Level Is Required?

When thinking about landscaping projects, you’ll want to consider the skill level required to achieve the right results.

If you want to create a simple flower garden, a DIY project might be best. But if you wish to plant trees or use interlocking stones to create a pathway, hiring a pro might be best.

Retaining the services of a landscape service provider with experience in yard design can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. 

Do You Need Help Figuring Things Out?

If you’re not entirely sure what you want, hiring a yard landscaping company might be your best option. The staff at the company will ask you questions, show you examples, and help you figure out a course of action.

How do you find the best backyard contractors? Ask other homeowners in your area, read online reviews, and ask family and friends for their suggestions.

Hiring a Landscape Service Contractor Is Often the Best Option

So, which will it be? Should you DIY or hire a landscape service contractor? There is no right or wrong answer. It comes down to what’s best for you.

For simple projects, you might want to do it on your own. But you’ll usually be better off hiring a service provider. You’ll get the aesthetically pleasing outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

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