Sleep is something that everyone needs to get each night, but that can be easier said than done. With almost every American not getting the recommended amount of sleep, you need to do all you can to catch those Z’s. 

One pesky bedroom feature that may be keeping you up is your ceiling fan. Your old fan could be squeaky and loud and disrupting your sleep. 

Are you in the market for a new fan but aren’t sure what to buy? If so, check out our list of quiet ceiling fans that will have you sleeping like a baby. 

What Makes a Ceiling Fan Quiet

A noisy ceiling fan falls at 70db on a noise pollution scale. That noise level is equal to what you would hear on a busy highway! 

There are a few parts that make a ceiling fan noisy. When buying a ceiling fan, be sure to pay attention to the motor and mounting style to find the quietest option. Visit Consumer Electrical to find out more about how fans operate. 

Quiet Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms 

The good news is there are several modern, quiet ceiling fan options that will let you get some sleep. 

1. Sofucor 52″ LED Quiet Ceiling Fan

First on our list is both stylish and super quiet. The three wooden fan blades will make a great accent to almost any decor. 

This fan has a noise output of 35db, which is quieter than a running refrigerator. The LED light included on this fan is a nice added touch. 

2. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan

If you don’t want to go too modern with your quiet ceiling fan design, this is the fan for you. Five aerodynamic blades make up the body of this fan with a pull chain for the light. 

This fan has three speeds. You can also reverse the direction of the blades for more customized airflow. 

3. Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Ceiling Fan

If you are wondering how to choose a ceiling fan that fits your bedroom, this fan is a great choice! It sits close to the ceiling and has a sleek brushed nickel finish. 

This fan has some serious power! It can get up to 4,545 CM of wind power! 

4. Minka-Aire LightWave 52″ Ceiling Fan

You’ll love how modern this ceiling fan looks! The 52-inch fan distressed wooden blades will make a statement in any bedroom. Another bonus with this fan is that it comes with an Energy Star rating. 

5. SMAAIR 52″ Ceiling Fan 

Last up on the list is this modern yet silent fan. This fan has ten speeds, so you’ll always have complete control of the breeze. It also has the extra feature of being voice-controlled. 

Sleep Easy With a Silent Bedroom Fan

When you invest in quiet ceiling fans for your bedroom, you will improve your overall health by getting more sleep. Your noisy nights will be a thing of the past when you buy your new fan! 

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