Have you ever imagined the look of your home different than it is now?

Think about your doors. What do they look like? Are they white, boring, and loud?

The answer is probably yes. It doesn’t need to be that way, though! There are tons of different types of interior doors that can give your home a different look and feel.

Here are just a few.

French Doors

French doors are made of mostly glass from the bottom up. There are two doors that open (together or separate).

You can use french doors in your interior space to separate rooms without making it seem like a stiff barrier. You can still see into the next room, but there is still an element of privacy.

For instance, you may have a dining room that leads to an office space or study. Using french doors on the study allows for privacy, but a more open concept. It also looks chic and classy!

Glass Doors

One way to spice up your home design is with a glass door. These often look good on bathroom doors with frosted glass. This works best if you have a bathroom separate from the toilet room (so the door would lead to the toilet).

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are the perfect door to use when you are designing a home with smaller spaces.

They can easily be used as a partition for the bathroom, for a playroom, or for a storage closet. With a pocket door, you can keep the door solid, glass, or metal – it’s up to you and what you want!

They are also great because you can close them without a loud boom or click. They silently glide shut.

Swinging Doors

When designing a home, you probably don’t think much about what doors can do for the interior design style and feel of the house.

However, using different doors can make a huge difference.

Take your kitchen, for example. You may have an open space between two walls that opens up into your kitchen. There may be a smaller opening that leads to a side hallway.

Imagine what adding a swinging door to the smaller opening would do to the look of the kitchen. Your home design would go from good to great, and you’d constantly get compliments on the sleek look of the doors and how much it adds to the room!

Swinging doors can be a great addition to rooms around the house.

Just a Few Types of Interior Doors

We’ve just named a few types of interior doors for you to consider when designing a home. There are so many other options out there, but these are great starters!

Using different types of doors is a great idea to spice up the interior of your home!

Did you enjoy learning about these doors? Read more on our blog for other interesting ideas!

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